Who Am I?

IMG_20160705_090352Welcome to Lipgloss Kisses. My name is Chicara. I’m passionate about makeup and this is my little corner of the web where I can share my love and creativity with you. I think I’ve found the perfect spot to showcase my creative side as well as my love of all things beautiful.

I’m just a regular, relatable 30-something year old on a budget who likes to share her favourite everyday beauty and lifestyle items. On here you’re likely to find products that are easily accessible in South Africa, honest reviews, my thoughts and experiences and a bit of love, life and everything nice…

So if I’m not sipping on coffee while writing blog posts or reading a book in a pink, LUSH filled bubble bath then I’m either shopping, playing TV games or watching TV series. I’m also mildly obsessed with the colour pink, champagne, cherries, sushi, skulls, dogs, hello kitty and absolutely anything cute.

Thanks for reading my blog. I absolutely love comments and feedback.  If you want to get into contact with me for any reason then pop me an email at chicara@lipglosskises.com