What’s NEW In my Makeup Bag?


It’s the new year and I’m almost certain that there’s a level of curiosity when it comes to taking a look at what’s NEW inside my makeup bag. I tried out a wide range of products over the festive season, so you can expect to see posts popping up over the next few weeks. But for now let’s focus on the things I’ve been using religiously for the past week or two.

1. The ‘They’re Real Mascara’ has been one of Benefit’s cult products for several years and now they’ve come out with a tinted primer (with the same name) to use before you apply your mascara. A few lashings of this brown-hued primer and your lashes are separated and ready for mascara. However, as another option you could always wear the primer alone for a more natural, feathery, daytime look. But seeing as I’m not one for half measures when it comes to eyelashes I apply loads of mascara to amp up my lashes. But be that as it may I feel like I can only see the full effect of this primer when I wear it alone.

Some great points worth mentioning – it doesn’t clump, become crispy or flake off. All positives I might add. As with all my reviews I have to be honest and admit that when I first tried out this primer I was left somewhat underwhelmed. It took a handful of ‘tries’ before I started seeing encouraging results.


2. I attended a MAC trend event at the end of November last year and inside my goodie bag was a wide array of exciting products I’d never seen or tried out before. My fellow bloggers will agree that this is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a beauty blogger – a box full of undiscovered makeup treasures.  My interest was immediately piqued went I first set eyes on the little black and blue mascara wand. Taking a look at the last photo in this post you can ascertain that this mascara doesn’t club, does a superb job of separating and feels very light on your lashes.  But, yes there is a but. I don’t think this mascara is effective at creating a ‘false lash’ effect.

The formula is too thin and while it does lengthen it doesn’t give your lashes that curl or much needed oomph you can only achieve from actually wearing false eyelashes. Well, Chicara, that’s all well and good, but is this waterproof mascara any good at being just that – waterproof? I’d have to say yes and no. If you happen to get caught in some light rain, shed a few tears or you jump into a swimming pool then chances are your mascara will stay on your lashes. But as soon as serious waterworks take place and some slight rubbing happens then you’ll start to resemble an extra in American Horror Story. But that’s to be expected, isn’t it? R240 at MAC.


3. Another gem that was inside my MAC goodie bag was this magnificent magic wand or more aptly named, the MAC 196 foundation brush. This slanted brush is ideal for creating a flawless finish. The short bristles and flat top reaches each and every contour of your  face. It makes foundation application highly controlled, quick and even and the finish you’re left with is smooth and buffed-out. I’ve been loving this as my everyday brush and it’s honestly the only brush I want to reach for. It blends and buffs like a dream and leaves my makeup looking smoother than ever. Ladies, it was love at first use! R450 at MAC.

4. This little pure nude foundation from Essence arrived on my doorstep last year and I’ve been giving it a go considering the fact that I’m already a huge fan of their pure skin anti-spot mousse make-up.  It has a light consistency and the formula is very liquid-y and blends in smoothly. It has that “no makeup” feel on your skin and white it’s entirely buildable, it looks very natural. Your skin feels like it can breathe all while doing a decent job of covering up minor imperfections and smoothing out your complexion. It offers reasonable wear time and my only gripe would be the lack of shades (only 3). So, while I’ve enjoyed using it, I have to be honest and admit that I still prefer the other one. R69.95 from Dischem or Clicks.


5. I’m a self-confessed concealer-holic. I’ve tried countless different formulas and consistencies and as far as Catrice concealers go you know I’ve been raving about the Camouflage Cream one for years. If I could pick only one makeup item to use for the rest of my life it would probably be concealer. I have seriously dark under-eye circles and the only thing that keeps me from looking like the walking dead is concealer.  This “Camouflage High Coverage” offering from Catrice has a handy doe-foot applicator, a creamy, blendable formula, adequately pigmented and a thin-to-medium consistency. It does a great job at concealing minor redness and darkness and seems to set on my skin pretty well.  However, I think if you need something a bit stronger than their camouflage cream might be better suited to you and your skin. R61.95 at Dis-Chem

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