What’s NEW In my Makeup Bag?


It’s time again to take a peek inside my (current) makeup bag. Hands up if you’re excited to find out what’s NEW in my makeup bag? It’s certainly not new information to hear that I love makeup and trying out new makeup is right up there on my “fun things to do” list. I’m the girliest girl around. In case you’re not familiar with this new feature then go take a look at my last “What’s NEW In my Makeup Bag?” to catch up on all the necessary info you need to know. So, let’s get onto the good stuff and take a looksie look inside…


1. As I was leaving the S.A beauty Blog awards show last month the NYX lady stopped me and handed me two NYX products and said she would love for me to try them out. I follow instruction very well and that’s exactly what I did. I’m completely in love with this lip balm pencil that she gave me in the shade ‘Berry Mojito’. But at the same time I also completely loathe the name. Who calls their lipstick Chunky Dunk? NYX obviously does. The word chunky doesn’t exactly conjure up the best images, but name aside this lippie is a hydrating, pigmented, shiny sensation. Berry Mojito has a satiny smooth finish with colour that can easily be layered and built upon. What do I love? The bright fuchsia colour, the ultra hydrating and comfortable formula and the lovely sheen it gives my (always) dry lips. These lippies are a winner and I’m going to sound like a terrible beauty blogger but I haven’t even seen these on the shelves. No clue about the price. (probably around R100) Have you tried them before?

2. This CK One liner has actually already made an appearance on the blog. Greedy little marker it is. I mentioned it on my 5 Faves Friday last week and seeing as it’s new to my makeup bag it’s only fitting that he joins the party once again. I don’t have all that much to add but at least you get to see a swatch (below). The sharp felt tip aids in precision application. It’s highly pigmented and can easily be built upon as it dries quickly but not too quickly. It doesn’t ‘bleed’ on my eyelids and stays put. Overall it’s a pretty good liner but my favourite part about is is that I’m able to achieve a very thin, precise line without too much fuss. R205 at Edgars/Red Square.


3. I’m all about face primers. Spoiler alert! I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I have a “Save, Spend and Splurge” the primer edition post coming up soon. Who doesn’t want a product that keeps shine at bay and helps prolong the life of your makeup? Every girl I know wants that! I actually waited so long before I used this primer because I wanted to take photos first. It eventually got to a point where I was like bugger this and I threw caution to the wind and opened it up. I’m very glad I did. It has a balm-like consistency that melts into your skin, leaves your face feeling a bit powdery (probably due to the Talc) and completely matte. It eliminates pores. No, I’m not joking. This Revlon PhotoReady Prime + Anti-Shine primer ‘blurs’ out imperfections just as well as the smudge tool in Photoshop. Look, I don’t want to jump the gun or anything but this might be better than my beloved Benefit The POREfessional. Gasp!

This is one smooth operator. It leaves your skin silky soft and smooth and it’s probably worth mentioning that this is the only primer I’m able to use with the foundation I’m currently wearing/using (more below). I can’t speak for it’s ability to keep shine at bay as my skin isn’t oily but it has worked wonders on my oily T-zone. It definitely helps prolong makeup wear but that smooth consistency is honestly what has won me over. R225 at Clicks, Dis-Chem and Foschini.


4. Drop the Bass! Wait, no! Definitely don’t drop that base. I need that stuff! I was recently on the lookout for a new foundation to try and naturally tweeted about it and asked around for good drugstore options. I was given many great choices and my picks were eventually narrowed down to L’Oréal True Match foundation and the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. You can obviously see which one won out. I read a ton of positive reviews for L’Oréal’s True Match so off I went to my local Clicks and picked up a bottle. My shade is C2 Rose Vanilla and it’s a pretty good match I think. Maybe not a “True Match” but foundation rarely is for me.

The formula is very liquidy and runny and that means it blends like a dream. However, I will add that I find it initially looks a tad bit dry before wearing nicely into a dewy finish. I have to actually apply a generous amount of moisturiser on my combination skin before applying this foundation. I’m also unable to wear most of my primers as they’re too ‘drying’ for this foundation. L’Oréal True Match offers my skin medium coverage that stays looking ‘fresh’ for most of the day. Winning! I’m very happy with it but honestly nothing will ever knock my holy grail foundation off its top spot.  Marked down to R130 on Spree. I paid about R190 at Clicks.

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