Unboxing RetailBox #RBsecretbox #16


I’m sure that most of you are already familiar with the online shopping site we all know as RetailBox. They sell a wide range of hair care products with a scattering of makeup, beauty and skin care. If you’ve been on the lookout for Kevin Murphy (my best), Morgan Taylor or The Balm then RetailBox is the website for you. But in case you didn’t know RetailBox also offer a surprise beauty box every month or so. This beauty box is filled with secret beauty/hair products with sizes ranging from travel to full size. The team over at RetailBox recently sent over their 16th box, which happens to also be their first year anniversary box. Cake to celebrate? No, beauty products of course! Every box is priced according to the contents and the September box went for R270, which is fantastically priced considering the fact that the products inside are valued at over R500.


At this point you’re probably as inquisitive as I was when this mysterious pink box arrived on my doorstep. This months secret box contained a dynamic duo. Two things every girl needs – a hairbrush and a blush. But wait, these aren’t just any old blush or hairbrush. Have you heard of the Tangle Angel brushes? First off this adorable Tangle Cherub (R260 on RetailBox) boasts a design of fuchsia angel wings and bristles that form the shape of a heart. Cuteness overload! But not only that, this heaven sent brush is heat resistant, anti-static, water resistant and antibacterial. If you have hair that easily tangles then this little heavenly brush, that fits comfortable in the palm of your hand, is perfect for your locks. It glides through hair easily and doesn’t snag or pull on knots. It can also be used on wet or dry hair, hair extensions or during blow-drying. The cutest brush I’ve ever used by far.


The September #RBsecretbox also contained a pleasant surprise in the way of The Balm’s Hot Mama (R295 on RetailBox) I’m not sure if I should class this as a blush, powder, eye shadow or highlighter. It’s essentially an all-in-one product that can be used all over your face.  The best part is that this pinky-peach hue is very flattering on most skin-tones. It’s subtle but still nicely pigmented with the slightest bit of shimmer. I think Hot Mama could even work as all over illuminating powder. What do you say? Would you like to see a review on this adorably packaged ‘powder’?

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September 25, 2015 • By