The Body Shop Spa of the World range


Is there anything more relaxing than a day spent at the spa? Close your eyes and take a moment to step into the serene surroundings of a beautiful spa with soft music playing in the background; fluffy towels draped over your body; scented candles releasing heavenly scents; pots of clay; warm, bubbling baths and complete and utter relaxation. Now open your eyes to your bathroom at home. This is the way the new “Spa of the World” range from The Body Shop makes me feel – like I have a spa in my own bathroom.  The collection is split into three ‘rituals’ (The Relaxing Ritual, The Revitalizing Ritual and The Blissful Ritual) and revolves around escapism and creating the spa experience at home.

The whole range is luxurious and self-indulgent. The collection showcases rich, hedonistic scents and lavish textures and consistencies.  Last week I featured the new “Oils of Life” range which focuses on your face. However, the “Spa of the World” range focuses on your body.


I’m a big lover of scrubs, be it for body or face. For some reason I’m always forgetting to use them. But when The Body Shops’ invigorating ‘Revitalizing Ritual’ Dead Sea Salt Scrub (R275) came into my life I started forgetting a little bit less. The giant tub houses a creamy, almost balm-like scrub with large crystals containing a high amount of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and bromine. The consistency of the base is compact so it’s a lot less messy than most other salt scrubs. The best bit? The salt granules are large and gritty enough to give your skin a satisfying scrub down. Your skin is left feeling delightfully soft and moisturised. I also love the gender-neutral scent which can be used by the whole family. But let’s be honest – why would you want to share?


One of the stars of this range definitely has to be the ‘Blissful Ritual’ Hawaiian Kukui Cream (R320). This rich, luxurious cream smells like nothing else on earth. You know the heart eyes emoji? That’s the only way I can safely describe this scent without underplaying it. This one will entice your senses and excite your skin. The thick, luscious consistency of this cream is surprisingly lightweight and melts into your skin like warm butter. This is one of those blissfully sybaritic products that feel like a real treat for your skin. Hawaiian women have been using Kukui oil for years to nurture their sun-kissed skin. The great thing about Kukui oil is that it’s bursting with moisture and helps restore your skin’s natural suppleness. Kukui oil also contains Vitamins A, C and E which are all great antioxidants that are known to repair, nourish and protect your skin.


One of my favourites from the range is the ‘Relaxing Ritual’ Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay Mask (R195). As we all know, charcoal powder is know to be an ancient Asian beauty secret. Charcoal is proven to draw out impurities, purify and deep-clean your skin. I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever used a body mask. It actually felt so strange applying a mask to my body that I ended up putting it onto my face as well. I focused most of the mask on my back as that’s my problem area when it comes to the skin on my body. I suffer from congestion and breakouts and those are usually quite hard to treat on your back.

I have to admit that I was taken aback (in a good way) at how effective this bamboo charcoal mask was. It was almost like a magnet that attracted and absorbed all the dirt and oil in my skin. It’s going to sound gross but my blackheads were suddenly a lot closer to the surface of my skin. It dries quickly and still feels relatively comfortable as it dries. My skin glows after use and this mask will definitely be forming part of my weekly routine. I must warn you though – this is one seriously messy mask. It left my basin and bathroom counter in quite a grubby state after I rinsed it off. Well worth it, though.


You can purchase all these products as well as the rest of the “Spa of the World” range at your local The Body Shop. The prices aren’t exactly budget friendly, but these products are well worth those extra rands. They are successful in smelling good, feeling good and making your skin look good.

December 1, 2015 • By