Shopping on a Budget with Gumtree


Are you the type of girl that loves the word ‘Sale’? I’m definitely that type of girl. When it comes to shopping I follow a budget. If I’m shopping for shoes, makeup or even homeware I will always look for the best deal. I like to think of myself as thrifty, frugal or economical. If you’re nodding along while reading all this then you might be interested in shopping on Gumtree. If I’m looking for something specific and I’ve been unable to locate it then I’ll almost always pop onto the Gumtree website and browse the relevant section for the item in question. Now I know what you’re thinking. Second-hand stuff? Meeting a mass murderer? Being duped into something? Wait, am I the only one that worries about stuff like that?

I’ve purchased several things off Gumtree and I’ve even placed a few adverts myself. It’s all very simple and if you use a bit of common sense then there’s no reason you won’t have a successful experience buying and selling online with Gumtree. In fact I’m going to share with you my thoughts on shopping on a budget. Quick tip for you. If you’re meeting someone to buy from them then please meet in a public place. You can never be too safe.

Don’t be Lazy! We don’t all have the luxury of walking into a boutique and buying whatever our heart desires. Some of us have to search through sale racks, scour the Internet for deals and browse the fashion pages of Gumtree. Yes, this takes time, but when you find that awesome deal it’s worth it. Isn’t it? I know that not everyone sells pieces that are appealing, but that’s why you need to search, search and search a bit more to find those great deals. My friend Ali recently sold a few of her gorgeous Forever New and Aldo items on Gumtree.

Not looking for fashion pieces but need a new couch instead? If you’re just starting out and building up your home then you might want to browse the furniture section on Gumtree. In actual fact regardless of what you’re looking for you’ll probably find it on Gumtree. A few years ago when my mom and I were searching for another dog we found Zsa Zsa off a Gumtree advert. It was the cutest photo and we were sold on her before we even headed over there.

Second-hand items can be your best friend when you’re on a budget. But please remember that just because it’s second-hand doesn’t mean it has to be ratty, tatty or broken. There are gems out there and I know this from first-hand experience. My parents recently placed an advert on Gumtree for a coffee machine (check it out) that’s almost right out the box. These gems are available and like I said before all you need to do is look! If you’re looking for something specific then Gumtree is perfect for you and your wallet. The website is cataloged in sections and it’s a few clicks before you’ve placed an advert or found the advert of your dreams.

Been eying a new phone but don’t have the budget for a brand new one? Take a look at the electronics page on Gumtree and you’ll be spoiled for choice. I might be heading over there myself as my phone has been giving me endless problems. Heck even if you’re looking for a job you can place your advert over on the Job Seekers page.

So, if like me you’re shopping on a budget then just remember these wise words from the “King of Frugality”, Benjamin Franklin – “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

March 13, 2015 • By