{REVIEW} Uriage Suppléance Corps

September 2, 2014

If you’re not familiar with this brand then let me give you a quick history lesson. Wait, who am I kidding I just Googled the brand as I’ve never actually used anything of theirs before. Uriage are a French brand that have been around since 1992 and their products are found in over 70 countries. All of their skincare products are formulated according to a strict charter which adheres to pharmaceutical standards. The formulas are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and with a minimum concentration of preservatives. The selling point for their products is the introduction of thermal spring water as an active ingredient. This is exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements and is extremely moisturising and soothing with anti-free radical properties.

The Uriage product line is divided into different ranges according to skin types and concerns. There is ‘Hygiene’, ‘Hydration’, ‘Nutrition’, ‘Protection’, ‘Anti-Ageing’, ‘Anti-Redness’, ‘Oily Problem Skin’ and ‘Depigmentation’. The Suppléance nourishing milk (R239.95) that I was given for review forms part of the ‘Nutrition’ category. This light and creamy lotion is ideal for dry & sensitive skin types. It can be used on the face and body and offers nourishing comfort for all those dry/painful areas on your skin. This lotion contains 30% thermal water as well as Shea butter and cultivated Edelweiss extract, which offers antioxidant, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties.

This lotion is pleasantly fragranced with a subtle floral scent that isn’t offensive or overpowering. The product itself is light on your skin but still feels like it’s rich enough to actually be doing something. It absorbs quite quickly, but for a minute or two after applying you will feel a bit sticky. My skin feels ridiculously soft and silky after use and applying this soothing lotion after a bath is heavenly. I do notice though that my skin is a tiny bit greasy right after I’ve used this, so it might be something you would rather apply at night as it takes a short while for the oily feeling to dissipate. I think this is ideal for very dry Winter skin that’s flaky or itchy. It’s nourishing and rich enough to sort out all those skin issues and the slight oily feeling won’t be as bothersome because your dry skin will probably absorb it a lot faster.

You can purchase this nourishing body milk (R239.95) as well as other Uriage products at any Dis-Chem , Clicks or Pharmacy.