{REVIEW} Rubybox Summer Nailed It! Nail Lacquers

November 24, 2014

This month Rubybox launched an exiting new summer nail polish collection. A fun array of colours ranging from the prettiest pastel mint to the brightest fuchsia. I was sent the “Sunset Horizon” trio and challenged to create a summer inspired nail art design. Now, if you guys follow my blog or follow me on Instagram then you’re well aware of the simple fact that I don’t do nail art. This is mainly due to my complete lack of skill. But I’m not one to turn down a beauty challenge so I put on my thinking cap (aka googled nail art) and started to plan my design. 

The Rubybox Sunset Horizon Trio contains the following shades – Sweet as Candy, Just Peachy and Monday Blues. How adorable are those names? I’ve made it pretty clear before that I’m a sucker for cute nail polish names. I’m not sure why but sometimes I’ll like a specific colour even more when it has a charming name. These Rubybox nail trios sell for R149.95 or you can buy each summer-inspired shade separately for R74.95. If your brain switches off when you see numbers (like mine does) then I should probably point out that if you buy the trio you get three colours for the price of two!

I’ve been slightly obsessed with orange nails this season so the first bottle that caught my eye was “Just Peachy”. The colour is definitely a lot softer in real life though. The perfect peachy coral that was the first shade to touch my fingernails. I knew that regardless of what nail art design I attempted I had to use this summery shade. I paired it with the creamy dove egg blue to create a fun, eye-catching design. I seriously love the combination of colours and I must say I’m quite impressed with my flirtation with nail art. Nailed it!

So, when it comes to the actual polish quality what are my thoughts? The formula is creamy and smooth and glides on very evenly. It takes about 2-3 coats to achieve an opaque look and the overall finish is extremely glossy. I can’t comment yet on the longevity of these polishes, but I will be test driving them this week so keep an eye on my social media accounts for an update. But one thing I did notice is that the brush is a nice size and it aids in a flawless application. I’m also happy to report that these dry pretty fast. I’m super impatient when it comes to drying time so that’s probably the biggest thing for me.

Go take a peek at all the other shades over on the Rubybox website. I’m definitely adding “In The Buff” and “Pretty Minted” to my shopping cart. Which colour from the Summer collection is your favourite?