{REVIEW} Retail Box Secret Box #9


I don’t know about you but I love receiving parcels from the courier/post office. There’s always an element of surprise and a child-like glee that comes with it. I’m the type that grabs the package right out of the mail man’s hands and rips it open before I’ve even walked back inside the house. This time around I might have actually scared the poor delivery man when I grabbed the Retail Box Secret Box #9 from him. I think I had that deranged look in my eyes. You know the one I’m talking about. The same look I get when I have a platter of sushi in front of me. The only thing I knew about this box was that it contained 3 sample sizes from a luxury hair oil brand, a product for men/short hair and something I could use to neaten any bad hair day. I’m going to share the contents of this box so if you’re interested then carry on reading. But be warned that this might be a long one…

If I’m completely honest with you the first thing that caught my eye after tearing the box open was the Tangle Teezer. I’ll let you in on a secret. I already own 2 of these terrific tools. I recently heard a few people complain that they don’t quite understand the hype and that these are just ordinary brushes with great marketing people behind them. If you have long hair then this detangling doodad needs to be a permanent fixture in your house. When my hair is long it’s all sorts of knotty and frustrating after a shower. But don’t get me wrong because even with my new shorter hair I’m still using and loving my Teezers on wet and dry hair. They reduce hair breakage, splitting and damage and when I brush with my Tangle Teezer there’s a noticeable difference in my hair shininess.

So besides the indispensable (and pretty to look at) Tangle Teezer there are a few samples from Moroccanoil inside RB Secret Box #9. Ssssh, I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with Mr. M for a while now. I have an ongoing relationship with the treatment oil and his hydrating mask always makes me happy. In Box #9 we received two Moroccanoil oil samples. One for normal hair and one for fine hair. These treatment oils are amazing, wonderful, fantastic, glorious, essential, life-changing and basically a million other adjectives. (See my previous Moroccanoil posts here and here). The repair mask has a thick, lavish consistency that spreads easily and leaves your hair ridiculously soft and silky. My hair is more manageable and certainly a whole lot less frizzy. Pssst! Guess what. I see this one making a 5 Favourirtes Friday post.

Inside RB Secret Box #9 you’ll find the following goodies:

The service I received was fast, reliable and all very exciting. In case you haven’t already figured it out, the Secret Box is a surprise beauty box filled with beauty/hair products. A secret selection of goodies that you can purchase when it goes live every few months. They load the box onto their website and entice you with a few hints about the contents. You can then Yay or Nay it. Each box has a different price but delivery is always R50 unless your order is over R500 in which case delivery is FREE.

The very thrilling #RBSecretBox #9 is valued at over R500 but you can get it on the Retail Box website for R149. This is a pretty awesome deal considering that the Tangle Teezer alone is R230.

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