{REVIEW} Oceanic AA Age Technology Ultra Hydration B.B. Cream


Have you guys visited the Glamore Cosmetics website yet? You’ll find a range of products from Hean, Robanda, Omega Nails and Oceanic AA Cosmetics. Now, I’ve never tried any of these brands before so I was really looking forward to testing out the BB cream I was sent. I already have a fondness for  B.B creams so I obviously felt anticipation at the prospect of trying out a new one. I mean I can’t be the only one that thrives on new beauty goodies to play with?

When I opened up my package and my eyes skimmed the packaging the first thing I noticed were the words ‘Ultra Hydration’. My immediate thought was that this BB cream would be ideal for the colder months when your skin is crying out for extra moisture. The consistency is very lightweight and melts into your skin like butter. It’s semi-fluid, blends easily and once dry it gives your skin a really nice, healthy glow. Not dewy though. It’s more like a radiant ‘sheen’. The shade I received was ‘Light’ and works really well for pale skins, but I’m doubtful it will blend into skin tones lighter than mine (MAC NW20).

This nourishing BB cream is a 9 in 1 multifunction makeup product. Among other things it contains a moisturising complex, it evens out your skin, brightens your skin, smoothes over imperfections and protects your face against harmful UV rays (SPF 15). The combination of plant complex glucose and xylitol (the sugar? Interesting) is supposed to reduce transepidermal water loss and good old trusted Vitamin E will nourish your skin. Another interesting thing about this BB cream that’s worth mentioning is the innovative micro lipid system formula. This protects your skin from external factors and prevents your skin from excessive dryness or that dreaded ‘tight’ feeling. Your skin is ensured the optimal level of hydration. I can honestly say I don’t know all that much about the science or technical info but I do know that I love the way this BB cream feels on my skin. Soft, silky and smooth. It does a decent job of covering up blemishes and stays put for most of the day.

This BB cream as well as all their other products are dermatologically and allergologically tested on people with sensitive/allergy-prone skins. No allergens or Parabens.

You can find the Oceanic AA Age Technology Ultra Hydration B.B. Cream on the Glamore Cosmetics website for R230.

March 26, 2015 • By