{REVIEW} MoYou Kitty Nail Stamping Set


Before I had the opportunity to try out nail stamping I always looked at beautiful nail art photos (Ordinary Misfit and Madness Nails) and admired their skills and artistry. But to be honest I never looked at those photos and thought “Flip, how hard must that be to do?”. However, after I tried my hand at nail stamping that’s the first thing I think of. I now admire the difficultly level, the beauty as well as the skilled photography. I’m going to be honest (as I always am) and let you know stamping isn’t easy. It definitely becomes ‘easier’ as you practice, but right off the bat it’s tricky. The MoYou Kitty Set is everything you need to begin your nail stamping journey.  1 nail polish (black), 2 image plates,  1 stamp and 1 scraper.


The moment I received the kit I took to Instagram and asked all you guys if stamping was easy. The overall response was positive and majority of you put my mind at ease and told me that yes indeed it was easy. However, what I failed to realise was that you guys have all been doing it for a while and like I mentioned before, nail stamping is something that calls for the “practice makes perfect” philosophy. After a coffee date and a few unsuccessful attempts later my friend Hildegarde (Suzy Q-Tip) helped me get started. I played around a bit and managed to come up with the three designs below. I would have to say for me the hardest part of stamping is the actual stamping – trying to transfer the design onto the stamp. The easiest part is stamping the design onto your nail. I’m certainly no expert as we’ve established but after some trial and error I can let you all know what I like and don’t like about stamping with the MoYou kit.


The scraper that’s included in the kit just didn’t work for me. This could be due to my novice status, but I found whenever I scraped the polish with the little plastic scraper I couldn’t pick up the design. I eventually tried with an old credit card and it worked like a charm. The steps to nail stamping are pretty basic. You select the design/image you want, you paint over it with the special polish, you scrape over the polish at a 45° angle then ‘roll over’ the design with your stamp tool. If you’re successful then your image will be perfectly placed on your stamp (the pic above) and ready for the final stamping step. There are many factors contributing to triumphant nail stamping. I’ve noticed that if I clean the plate (with nail polish remover) after every second or third attempt I’m more likely to pick up the design. The same goes for the stamp tool. This collects dust and hair and needs to be ‘smoothed’ out in order for it to work correctly. I like to use a firm hand when transferring the stamp from the plate to the stamp tool as well from the stamp tool to the nail. If you put too much polish on the plate before scraping then your design will look a bit too saturated.

The special polish that’s inside the kit has a great formula, is completely opaque, smooth and results in a solid stamp.  I sealed all my designs with a top coat and the images lasted nicely under the glossy coat. If you’re just starting out with stamping then this kit is ideal. But now after playing around a bit I feel like I need another stamping colour and at least another thirty plates. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy stamping and when I started I was convinced it wasn’t for me. But after spending a considerable time with it I think I might wear a stamping design again.

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Have you tried stamping before? If you’re keen to start or you want to expand on your current collection then take a look at the MoYou website or Facebook page. The Kitty set goes for R400, but you can also buy individual plates (R90) and polishes (R100) on the website.

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