{REVIEW} Mint Laser & Beauty Spa

August 26, 2014

The day before my scheduled session at Mint Laser & Beauty Spa I thought it was a good idea to Google some laser reviews and find out what other women had to say about laser. I had never been before and I’m the type of person that likes to be prepared for a situation. I stumbled across some rather terrifying overseas blog posts about girls that had never felt as much pain as they had endured during a laser session. At this point the nerves were building up. I saw phrases like “A thousand rubber bands snapping your skin” and I started to panic. But then I decided to take a look at Mint’s website and I found the name of the laser machine they use – Soprana ICE. So as I’m sure you can guess that was the next thing I Googled. I was expecting to see similar reviews coming from horrified and mentally scared women, but I was pleasantly surprised (and very relieved) by the completely different accounts the women had that had used the Soprana ICE. This machine is the top dog in the line of Alma lasers. Their tag line is Pain-free, Hair-free. It’s simple and straight to the point. But more importantly is it true? Yes, yes and a thousand times yes! 

So after discovering that my laser session wasn’t going to be some form of Chinese torture that required sedatives and numbing gels, I finally relaxed and pitched up at the Mint Laser & Beauty Spa with a calm mind and shaved armpits. I was immediately greeted by the very friendly and welcoming Nadia Deen. It was a morning session so she instantly gave me a delicious cappuccino and I settled into the comfy couch so I could have a chance to survey my surroundings. The treatment room was small and intimate and had the most serene atmosphere. A big bouquet of fresh flowers, cucumber water and a divinely scented Yankee candle in the corner all made me feel at home. I filled in a short ‘questionare’ just asking about health concerns and then Nadia quizzed me on a few of my sun and skin habits. Once we got the admin out the way I was given a pair of laser protection goggles and a soft toweling dress. Nadia ran through the process before starting and made me feel very comfortable. At this point I was relaxed, but I still had a feeling at the back of my mind that this could be very sore. What if those woman from the positive reviews had a high-pain threshold and little old me would just end up crying in pain? But I was set at ease very quickly.

The award-winning Soprana ICE uses an In-Motion technique which heats up and deactivates all the hair roots within a grid instead of the old method that felt like rubber bands snapping your skin. The great thing as well is that this machine can be used on all hair types and all skin types. The only thing I really felt was the actual machine moving across my armpits. I didn’t feel a hot sensation or pain. A few hairs were a bit longer and those gave a bit of a tingle. I’m the biggest baby when it comes to pain and if I’m ready to book another session then you know this doesn’t hurt. The Soprana ICE has an encircled sapphire tip which cools the skin when it starts to feel too hot. I didn’t feel the heat, but everyone has different skin and we all react differently. This system is also very beneficial for light coloured and thin hair, which everyone used to think didn’t take well to laser. I’ve only been for one session now so it’s hard to say if it has ‘worked’, but I can definitely see myself going back for more sessions as it was painless and the actual laser part only took about 5 minutes.

Nadia offers various laser services for both men and women and the prices are a lot more reasonable than I expected. The armpit laser treatment that I experienced was R550 (both armpits). A full bikini (Everything! Eek!) session is R1,050 and just the bikini sides is R550. A unibrow treatment is R200 and upper lip (my next stop, haha) is R250. The whole process was a lot easier than I had anticipated and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. The Mint Laser & Beauty Spa also offer 10% discount when you purchase a course of 8,10 or 12 sessions. However, If you don’t end up needing all those sessions they will refund you for the extras.

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