{REVIEW} MAC Le Disko Collection – Dazzleshadow


Show me some glitter and I’ll show you a drag queen. Okay okay, joking aside I think most of us makeup wearing girls are also glitter-loving gals. Wouldn’t you agree? Do you love a bit of sparkle and glamour? Then MAC’s new Le Disko collection is right up your alley.  It promises glitter and glamour that intoxicates and a place where colour gets physical. The collection boasts a selection of sparkling dazzleshadow eyeshadows, slick eyeliners and dazzleglass colours that will make your lips shimmer.


To channel a bit of Saturday night fever I’ve been wearing MAC’s Le Disko Dazzleshadow in ‘I like 2 Watch’. It’s a mid-tone brown with so much gold glitter and so much colour. However, it’s the hardest eyeshadow to photograph. It sparkles more than a disco ball but looks different depending on the light. In the photo below I’m wearing it as a wash of colour and that way it plays with the light and you pick up the duochrome effect. I see a lot of copper in there, don’t you? But the more layers you pack on the golder it becomes. The same can be said if you apply it with a damp brush. If you’re looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow look no further than my makeup bag.

The texture of the Dazzleshadows isn’t gritty or as rough as you might expect from a glitter eyeshadow. It’s a relatively smooth powder that applies nicely as long as you know how to work with it. But in case you don’t I’m here to help you along the way. Don’t apply these dazzling eye shadows on to dry skin. You need a base of some sort to help the shadows latch onto your lids otherwise you will end up with a glitter fallout frenzy and nobody has time for that! The next most important thing is the tool you use. A finger definitely does the task, but I think a flat eyeshadow brush does the best job and that way you have control over where the glitter goes. I also found that applying these as wet shadows gives you the most colour payoff. You can have so much fun with these super sparkly shadows. I have my eye on “Cant Stop Don’t Stop”, a beautiful deep plum with extra sparkle. It makes me want to boogie!


The MAC Le Disko collection is already available online and should be on the shelves at all MAC counters. You will pay R220 for the Dazzleshadows and have your pick of twelve sparkly metallic shades that will blow your mind.



July 9, 2015 • By