{REVIEW} L.A. Girl Nudes Beauty Brick


As you guys already know I’m all about budget beauty. I love me some luxury makeup but if I can find a product/makeup item that’s just as good for more than half the price then of course I’m going to jump all over that. I follow several cosmetic brands on Instagram and since I recently had a good experience with L.A Girl makeup (read review here) I started following their international Instagram account a few months back. While doing my regular browsing/stalking I stumbled across a photo of an interesting looking palette. It had NUDES written on the front and all the shades looked like a beautiful mix of mattes, shimmers and rose golds. I immediately thought of the coveted Urban Decay palette that I’ve lusted after for ages and started to get excited at the prospect of this beautiful (and cheap) palette arriving on our shores. I tried contacting the necessary people to find out about release dates but after little success I sat back and waited, and waited…

I eventually walked into a Dis-Chem three weeks ago (posted this pic on Instagram) and discovered the palette I’ve been waiting for. I think I might have been one of the first people to get hold of this palette because there were several on the shelf (it looked untouched) and there wasn’t even a price yet for this beauty brick. These are now selling for R90. What a deal! 12 shades for under R100 is pretty unheard of. The palette consists of 3 neutral matte shades, 9 shimmery shades, a double ended brush (nothing special), and a small mirror inside the magnetic lid. The packaging looks very cute with the peep-show window and bold typography. However, the actual box/container is very light and flimsy. But at the end of the day I’m more concerned with what I’m paying for – the eyeshadows. And let me tell you that they certainly don’t disappoint.

The shadows are surprisingly soft and buttery (like my Wet n Wild palettes). I say ‘surprisingly’ because if you’re paying so little for a 12-pan eyeshadow palette you’re certainty not expecting soft and silky quality. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what you get with the NUDES beauty brick. Due to the smooth, velvety texture I do experience a bit of fall out. Some shades are more pigmented and smoother, while others offer more of a sheer wash of colour. They all seem to blend beautifully and apply like a dream. A few shades are similar but the great thing is that they all work together and allow you to create numerous rosy-toned eye makeup looks. I created my above look using #1, #2, #4, #5, #7 and #10. The shades are all buildable and very easy to work with.

After using this palette a few times I already have firm favourites. I’m a sucker for the pinky shade (#5) that I used in my inner corner (see above), all three matte shades and #11 and #12 which are both a shimmery purple-toned shadow and like nothing else I own. I get great wear out of this palette, but even better wear when I use a primer. The shades all last most of the day and I haven’t experienced bad creasing, or at least any worse than most eye shadows eventually do on my lids. I would highly recommend this palette because A.) You can’t go wrong with that price and B.) They eyshadows are pretty good quality.

If these everyday, nude/ rosy-toned neutral shades aren’t up your alley then your interest might be piqued by the other three palettesΒ  – NEONS, SMOKY and ULTRA. You can pick these all up at Dis-Chem for R90. What a steal!

March 2, 2015 • By