{REVIEW} Bye Bye Bad Skin


I was never a teenager with bad skin. I dealt with the odd blemish, but I was lucky enough to never have to go on mediation to rectify the problem. I struggled with a few more blemishes in my 20’s, but once again nothing that serious. As I reached my late 20’s and entered into my early 30’s I started dealing with hormonal breakouts. It’s going to sound gross, but hey, this is my platform to share all my issues and problems and find solutions that might help you as well. I’ve been suffering with bacne. If you have the same issue then you know how frustrating this can be. It’s not the same as facial acne that can (for the most part) be covered with makeup. Bacne limits your choice of clothing and makes a person feel very self-conscious.

I was recently sent a few skin products to test out from various different brands. These products were all meant for oily skin that’s prone to breakouts. These products were all heaven-sent. They arrived at just the right time. I know this trio of skin savers aren’t specifically meant for body acne, but that’s how I’ve been using one or two of them. The Garnier Pure Active Purifying Wipes (R39.95) immediately piqued my interest because as you know I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect makeup-removing wipes.

This offering from Garnier contains Salicylic Acid, which we all know is the powerful ingredient that helps treat blemishes. It also helps remove excess sebum so you can stop future breakouts dead in their tracks. The wipes are thick, quilted and feel soft against your skin. I find them to not be as ‘wet’ as other wipes but they still manage to do a pretty good job of removing most makeup. They’re also safe enough to use around the eyes without any stinging or burning. When I use these I definitely notice that any blemishes that are starting to show will disappear. If you have oily skin then these are worth a go.

You’ve probably seen the Pond’s Spot Clear Even Tone Facial Foam + Scrub all over the Internet as everyone is pretty much giving it a go. I’m a big Pond’s fan and I’ve never been let down by one of their skin care products. This is another product that contains Salicylic Acid. It’s aimed at Teenagers with problem skin, but I think regardless of your age if you’re suffering from breakouts then you might find this foaming scrub to be beneficial. It helps to control excess oil, clear blemishes, calm your skin (redness), remove blackheads and brighten your skin.

This scrub has a thick, clay consistency but once mixed with water it becomes a lovely foam that spreads easily onto your skin. It feels incredibly gentle on your skin and even though it uses the word ‘scrub’ this isn’t abrasive or rough in the least. So besides the Salicylic Acid this facial foam also contains herbal clay. This aids in controlling oil and keeping red, angry skin calm. I hate it when my skin throws a hissy fit. Naughty skin! But I’ve been using this on both my face and back with great results. It immediately clears up any existing blemishes. However, I will warn you that if your skin isn’t oily then you might suffer from a bit of skin tightening/dryness after use. You can try this one out in 3 sizes and prices. R6,99 for 15ml, R32,99 for 50ml and R49,99 for 100ml.

Last, but certainly not least on my list is Breakout Control from Dermalogica (R620 for 30ml). This invisible, anti-bacterial treatment has been my main defense against the war on my back. It’s fast absorbing and doesn’t dry out my skin like a lot of other blemish busting treatments do. I think we can all agree that flaky, crocodile skin is definitely one of the worst ‘side effects’ of blemish busters. I love that this Dermalogica offering doesn’t dry out your skin at all. It controls oil production and redness (tea tree oil), but also contains an ingredient called Colloidal Silver that demolishes the bacteria that causes acne. The great thing about this product is that it’s aimed at adults that suffer from acne. It’s not just the teenagers that have problem after all. Another bonus is that it’s formulated without artificial fragrances, colours or parabens. Dermalogica you never disappoint!

March 5, 2015 • By