{REVIEW} BlendBox Grace Body Scrub

August 6, 2014

When I first ‘met’ this new Limited Edition body scrub from BlendBox it was love at first sniff. I was introduced to this amazing brand over a year ago, but was only acquainted with the new range a few weeks ago at our Bloggers Who Bless Christmas in July party. We were each given gifts which we could then steal from each other. I’m not going to lie, I’m completely guilty of stealing this scrub from a fellow blogger after catching a whiff of it’s candy scent. *innocent face*. My favourite range from BlendBox has always been ‘Soft’, but after giving this new scent a test drive I think it might have a bit of competition.

I’ve mentioned BlendBox several times on the blog. (see here, here, and here) My favourite Soft Hand Cream even featured on my Best of 2013 post. So I think it’s pretty clear that I have a fondness for the brand, wouldn’t you say? In case you’re not familiar with BlendBox then let me fill you in. Blendbox keep with a Holistic philosophy. They have moved away from synthetic drug compounds, and instead gone for alternative natural remedies. The lady behind the brand, Miemie spent 13 years blending essential oils with specific therapeutic properties. She studied the balance of essential oil synergies and effective combination’s. This definitely shows in all her products.

The Grace body scrub is sugar based and blended with grape seed oil, apricot kernel, sweet almond oil and a bit of fragrance. The smell reminds me of a sweetie I ate as a child but I can’t quite place my finger on it. It’s almost like a pink fizzer, but not exactly. One thing I can tell you is that it’s very sweet and yummy. I have found myself wanting to lick the tub a few times. Awkward! Sugar scrubs are my favourite and they work well as an exfoliant. It’s gentle, but still effectively removes dead skin. Due to all the essential oils used in Blendbox scrubs they have a slightly oilier consistency. After scrubbing it leaves a thin film on your skin that moisturises and your body is left feeling silky smooth. I’m not joking when I say silky smooth. It’s almost like velvet! The great thing about this is that if you’re a bit lazy like me then you can skip the body lotion afterwards. This scrub moisturises perfectly, smells amazing, is cruelty-free and leaves your skin feeling like satin. What more could you ask for?

In case you didn’t already gather how special the scent of this scrub is then let me inform you that there will only be 500 scrubs, body butter and candles made using this unique fragrance. This limited edition range will never be sold again after the stock is finished. In my opinion I would grab one of these before they fly off the shelves.