Question 6 for #DivineDoveDays

April 22, 2014

Hi guys, and welcome back after the long weekend. I hope those of you that celebrate Easter had a splendid time. I certainly stuffed my face like a fat piggy. *oink oink*. A few of you inquired about the final question for the #DivineDoveDays campaign. Don’t you girls worry your pretty little heads. I could never forget about you. I decided to wait till everyone was back from the long weekend so I could have your undivided attention. So, do I have it? 😉 The last question is simple and straight forward. I want to know WHO inspires you on a daily basis. It can be someone that makes you feel beautiful or something that always encourages you. If you’re tweeting or posting your answer on Facebook then please TAG that person. And if you have enough of your 140 characters left then I would love to read a short reason for why/how they inspire you. Ooooh, I’m so excited to see what you guys have to say.

Remember to tag @Lipgl0ss_kisses and @DoveSouthAfrica and use the hastags  #DivineDoveDays and #BeautyIs

If you’re not on Twitter or you would prefer then just comment down below with your answer. 🙂

P.S. I will be sending the 6 winners (of the small giveaway) a DM or email tomorrow. Good Luck!