Question 3 for #DivineDoveDays

April 15, 2014

Have you been following #DivineDoveDays? Answered the questions and spread your positive thinking? I would absolutely love it if you guys actually start to feel better about yourselves after answering these question. I hope that you discover some of the beautiful things you like and admire in others are actually things you will see in yourself as well. In case you need a catch up go answer Question 1 and 2. I also just wanted to share a quote with you guys that I found today. I think it ties in nicely with all this sharing, caring and positive thinking.

So just tweet the following sentence and fill in the blank area – “@Lipgl0ss_kisses @DoveSouthAfrica – The personality trait I admire most in others is _____ #DivineDoveDays #BeautyIs”.

If you’re not on Twitter or you prefer then just comment down below. 🙂 I would say the personality traits I admire most in others are confidence and those with a dynamic attitude. What’s yours?