Question 2 for #DivineDoveDays

April 14, 2014

Did you read my post on Friday? I introduced you guys to a very interesting campaign that Dove is currently running. I also mentioned that I would be putting forward 6 questions for you to answer. I thought it would be a nice way for all us to boost our self-confidence. So, just like with question 1 you can answer it on this post, on my Facebook page or on Twitter. Don’t forget to use the two hastags – #BeautyIs and #DivineDoveDays. Also you need to tag both me and Dove. So just tweet the following sentence and fill in the blank area of course – “@Lipgl0ss_kisses @DoveSouthAfrica – I think ____ is beautiful #DivineDoveDays #BeautyIs”.

I look forward to reading your answers. Also look out for my tweet. 😉 Remember there’s a small giveaway at the end.