CLOSED POND’S Love your Expressions Giveaway


You can’t get through a day without displaying multiple expressions on your faces. A coffee break with a friend will put a smile on your face, a job interview will cause your face to scrunch up with worry and that new comedy at the movies will have you roaring with laughter. You can’t help but showcase these emotions on your face and these moods inevitably lead to fine lines. While I love a hearty laugh and sharing a smile with a friend, I don’t love what these expressions do to my skin. But those pesky expression lines are certainly not going to stop me from living my life to the fullest. I love my expressions, but I’m ready to lose the lines. Go check out my previous posts on a few of my #BeautifulHabits as well as my thoughts on the products I’m going to be giving away down below.

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What can you win?

I’m giving away 5 Pond’s Age Miracle hampers filled with all the products mentioned above.


** full disclosure – this is a paid for campaign, however, everything mentioned in this post is my own opinion and I firmly stand behind everything I’ve said. **

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