It’s Playtime With #CliniqueCrayola – Clinique Crayola Chubby Stick Review + Swatches


Do I remember the days of my childhood spent huddled over a ‘colour-by-number’ book with a Crayola crayon clutched firmly in my tiny hand and poised over the image of my choosing? Yes, just like it happened yesterday. Well, it actually did, except my hand was poised over my face and not a piece of paper. I was flooded with feelings of nostalgia this week when the cutest media drop arrived from Clinique. I was instantly thrust back to my youth upon opening up a box filled with all the accoutrements for an afternoon of ‘colouring‘. I was presented with an image sheet, stickers, Crayola crayons and the new, limited edition Crayola Chubby Sticks from Clinique (R290). My afternoon was free and I was ready for playtime.

Clinique successfully evoked a feeling of longing and joy, which I associate with my happy childhood. This marriage between Clinique and Crayola is one of the cutest, most creative and cleverest I’ve seen in a while. There’s no denying that the packaging is reminiscent of the colourful box of crayons we all so enthusiastically played with as kids. This collaboration is all about fun, nostalgia and playtime, and I’m definitely on board with anything that brings a smile (and a splash of colour) to my lips.

The Clinique Crayola Chubby Sticks (R290) come in a twist-up and retractable lip crayon tube and much like the original Chubby Sticks they’re formulated with shea and mango butter to offer your lips a moisturising hint of colour. Smooth and silky are two words I’d immediately select to describe these hydrating balms. You can expect sheer pigmentation for the most part; with Pink Sherbert being the sheerest and Red Violet, which forms part of their ‘Intense’ range, offering the most colour payoff.

Hurry up, or you’ll miss out. The Clinique Crayola Chubby Sticks (R290) are already available and will be so for a limited amount of time. You can get yourself one of these must-have ‘crayons’ exclusively at Foschini. Browse their online store now.


February 10, 2017 • By