Online Shopping with coupons on Picodi


Have you heard of that show Extreme Couponing? You have? Well, forget everything you know about it. The Picodi coupon website is nothing like that insane television show. What, so I’m not able to ‘coupon’ and get discounts when I go shopping? You will absolutely receive these discounts but without the hassle of cutting out hundreds of paper coupons. Quick, simple and convenient. Take a look at to find out about saving money while you shop online.

Looking for new cake pans on Yuppiechief? Spotted a new lipstick over on the MAC website? Have your eye on that new bestseller at Exclusive Books? These are just some of the many brands/online stores that are offering promotions and discounts on Picodi. If it’s an online shop in South Africa then chances are they’re on there. As you all know I’m a self-proclaimed “Babe on a Budget” so you guessed it, this website made my eyes sparkle and my wallet sing. I was browsing the website this weekend and some deals have already jumped out at me. Don’t believe me then just go take a look for yourself.


The best part (besides saving money) is that this site is convenient. As soon as you spot a deal that piques your interest you click on the button and it automatically sends you on your merry way to said online store. Online shopping and saving money at the same time is the retail version of eating cake without the calories. Yes please, sign  me up! A quick disclaimer – online shopping addicts please don’t send me your grievances when you’ve fallen off the wagon again. I’m Chicara and I’m a shopping enabler.

August 10, 2015 • By