NEW Lipsticks, Lip glosses & Lacquers from Bourjois


One of my most favourite affordable, pharmacy makeup brands has to be Borjouis. Just the name alone sounds so fancy *starts singing I’m so fancy*. I’m always partial to a bit of french flair. Croissant anyone? This Parisian brand was first released in 1863 when makeup and perfumes were prepared for actors and actresses in the theatre district. Oui Oui! Borjouis have a colourful display of lipsticks, eyeliners, nail polishes, blush pots, eye-shadows and so much more. It’s a feast for the eyes when you spot their stand in Clicks. I recently attended a Bourjois media day where I was introduced to a selection of new products. Today I’m going to share some of that oh so pretty newness with you.


The Bourjois Sweet Kiss glosses promise 10 hours of shiny hydration. In order for them to deliver on the hydration claim they’ve formulated these glosses with serum-enriched oils. Crambe oil is made from the seeds of a rare plant growing in Ethiopia. The two most notable qualities that this oil possesses are: 1. It’s non-viscous which enables this gloss to have a thin, lightweight consistency. 2. It’s transparent so it catches the light and it gives a full crystalline shine effect without glitter or sparkles. I’ve been loving the smooth, non-sticky texture that gives a very sheer colour to your lips. It’s perfect as a lick of gloss over your favourite pink lipstick. These glosses feel incredibly bare on your lips. If you tend to avoid glosses that feel thick, heavy and overtly sticky then these subtle sweet kisses are for you. They’re no-fuss, low-maintenance and as a bonus they leave your lips feeling soft and moisturised. I’m also a fan of the brush applicator which is relatively small and makes application on my thin lips a breeze. R119.95 at selected Clicks stores. 


Now onto the Bourjois Aqua Laque Lipstick that’s already popped up on a favourites video a month or so back when I first received it. The super shiny, non-sticky Aqua Laque is a hybrid lipstick. Aqua Laque feels like a liquid lipstick but also feels as though half a vat of water was accidentally (or not so accidentally) spilled into the mixture. Bourjois have verified that by stating that these lipsticks are formulated with “high concentrations of water and Nymphea extract“. The latter having great moisturising properties. The consistency is lightweight and ultra comfortable to wear. The texture is smooth, soft and can be best described as a refreshing, tall drink of water for your lips. It actually feels like water as you apply it. Not a hint of thickness or heaviness in sight.

The Bourjois Aqua Laque Lipstick is like nothing I’ve used before. The shades are surprisingly pigmented and range from fresh nudes to elegant pinks to vibrant oranges to flamboyant reds. The wet-look shine is absolutely beautiful and I’m smitten. This liquid lippie also gets bonus points for gliding over dry lips and not taking up residence in cracks and lines. The firm, doe foot applicator is also a winner.  Now you might be thinking “shut up and tell us if we need to throw our money at Bourjois” and I’ll answer with a resounding yes. I’m definitely going to be stocking up on a few shades. Take my money Bourjois, just take it! These are too pretty to pass up. R139.95 from selected Clicks stores.


Last and certainly not least on the list are these nail lacquers from Bourjois. The LA LAQUE collection has been described as “A combination of brilliant colour, concentrated enamel pigments, and absolute shine, LA LAQUE gives your nails a touch of Parisian chic.” The collection is composed of 6 intense, shiny shades. The colour I received is a greenish-blue, bluish-green shade that could be called “Day at the Beach” and I would absolutely believe it.


The precision brush is the perfect size for applying an even coat. It splays out and fits any nail shape with ease. I actually only applied one coat in these photos. Can you believe it? That’s how pigmented, full coverage and glossy the formula is. The colour is thick and luscious (in a good way) and I’m more than pleased with application. It also dries pretty darn quick in my opinion, especially for a polish that doesn’t claim to. How about wear time? Meh! I didn’t make it past day 2 without a chip unfortunately. But hey, what’s new? This is how it goes for a keyboard typing, handbag digging girl like myself. Nonetheless, I’m very impressed and this range of Summery shades will definitely make you smile without making your wallet cry. R104.95 at selected Clicks stores.

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