New In! Clinique Aromatics in White


As a woman I think it’s very important for us to to give off a feminine, delightful scent when we waft through life. After all, unlike boys, we’re made of Sugar and spice and everything nice. The new, elegantly white fragrance from Clinique encompasses all the little things that make us women – Ribbons and laces and sweet pretty faces. This sophisticated scent is described as a confident interplay of serene woods, transparent petals and warm amber notes. Also, how beautiful is the white bottle?

When I think of white my mind conquers up images of silk sheets, fresh roses, blankets of snow, a glass of milk, fluffy clouds and a string of pearls. I think everyone sees different things in their mind’s eye, but I’m almost certain that the colour white makes us all feel calm, clean, innocent and serene. I recently attended the launch of this perfume where I was introduced to this lovely scent. I’m normally a miss fussy pants when it comes to selecting a fragrance. If you spot that girl in the store that has sprayed 50 bottles of different perfumes and is enveloped in a sweet-smelling ‘mist’ then look again because that girl is probably me. In which case please come say hi! With my fussiness aside I’m actually very taken by this fragrance that seems to linger for ages on my skin.

The top notes and what your nose might pick up first is Violet Leaf, Cistus and Sichuan Pepper. A perfume is a very subjective and personal thing so I don’t really consider it a prime beauty item to review. However it’s always nice to hear (or read) what another person says about a fragrance you’re considering buying. I love this light scent. It’s not too sweet (I hate super sweet perfumes) and it’s slightly spicy. If you’re not catching a whiff of the first three notes then you might pick up on the Rose Water Essential, Orange Blossom or Patchouli Heart. These notes as well as Amber, Musk and Benzoin all amalgamate into a very soft and alluring scent and if you’re on the lookout for a seductive new fragrance for Valentine’s Day then this one might just be ‘The One’.

Aromatics in White will be available at all Clinique counters and sold in three sizes – 100ml (R1055), 50ml (R800) and 30ml (R610). You can also leave Clinique’s website open on your boyfriend/husbands computer to help them get the not-so-subtle hint. Sometimes men need to be hit in the face with gift buying ideas. Don’t you agree?

February 4, 2015 • By