My Favourite Beauty/Makeup Tools


I think we can all agree that makeup application is made a lot easier with the right tools and brushes. I know for a fact that my makeup looks ten times better than it did many years ago when I relied on my fingers and those sponge applicators that come standard in eye shadow palettes. I thought it would be a good idea to share a few of my favourite tools with you guys just in case you’re unsure of what you should be using on your face. I can assure you that makeup/beauty tools are essential when it comes to creating the perfect look. I’m going to cover my must-haves brushes for your face, eyes and even your eyebrows.  Yes, you need a brush for your brows.


Powder Makeup – An absolute necessity in every girls beauty tool arsenal is a brush that’s used to apply powder-based products. The powder brush is probably the most common of all brushes and my big, fluffy one from 27Pinkx (R240) is all that and a bag of potato chips. It’s super soft and I use it to dust powder over my face to set my makeup. It works for both pressed and loose powder and feels like a cloud against my skin. The glossy pink handle certainly doesn’t hurt either.  Another more compact powder brush is this adorable pastel one from Essence (R57.95). It’s also unbelievably soft but due to its petite frame I only use it as a blush brush. It picks up product nicely and once again feels like silk against my skin.  Smile and use short strokes to apply your powder blush to the apples of your cheek.

Foundation –  Foundation is called ‘base’ for a reason. It’s the base of your makeup and probably the most important component of a fully made-up face. I apply my foundation using two different tools. I only recently got my hands on the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (R160 at Foschini or R119 on Biovea) and let me tell you something – they make these brushes in the same place they make unicorns. My makeup has never looked as flawless as it looks now. This magic wand, um.. I mean makeup brush takes whatever foundation you’re using and escalates it to another level. The foundation melts into your skin and creates what appears to be a second, more even skin. It’s firm, dense, plush and holds product nicely without soaking up too much product. It gives your makeup a medium to high coverage look. Also, I might add that this is another luxuriously soft brush. Chinchilla soft. But don’t worry the bristles are synthetic and 100% cruelty-free. Keep in mind there’s definitely a bit of a ‘technique’ to using this brush so go watch this video for tips.


Foundation – Before I discovered the wonders of the Real Techniques expert face brush I was completely enamored of the beauty blender. This cult sponge is something special and deserves all the attention it receives. My little egg-shaped BFF gives your makeup a smooth, dewy and flawless finish. All you need to do is run it under warm water, wait for it to expand, squeeze out excess water and then pat/bounce your makeup on. You can achieve light to high coverage and you’ll probably never look back. This in-demand sponge is fairly expensive but it lasts for a long time and the love you’ll get out of it is priceless. R330 from The Spa Shop or R305 on 27Pinkx. You can find affordable dupes at Clicks, Dis-Chem as well as at Woolworths.


Eye Shadow – There are many, many brushes that you can use for eye shadows, but to be honest you probably only need three or four. I obviously use flat brushes and tapered brushes for different looks but If I told you that you could only use one eye shadow brush for the rest of your life I would point you in the direction of a blending brush. I only use two blending brushes and both work wonders for creating that smokey/diffused look we all want to achieve.  The MAC 217 Blending Brush (R290 at MAC) and the 27Pinkx Eye Blending Brush (R190) are my two ultimate brushes. They have dome-shaped densely packed bristles that fits perfectly into the crease of your eyelid and defines and shades like a professional. If you want to take your eye shadow skills to the next level then you need to add a blending brush to your collection. Use a light hand and small strokes to blend your eyeshadow like a pro.


Eyeliner – I definitely have a thing for lined eyes. In my opinion it’s understated and pairs perfectly with a bold lip. If you’re going for minimal makeup the very least you can do for a polished, put together look is eyeliner. I like to use gel eyeliner (L.A Girl – R60 at Dis-Chem) to line my upper lash line and I’ll use no other brush besides my MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush (R255 at MAC). This fine-tipped synthetic brush delivers a precise, even line and helps your liner glide on smoothly.

Eyebrows – What’s that meme/quote/joke that’s going around the internet at the moment? “If you have nice eyebrows you literally have everything you need in life”. Now I don’t wanna toot my own horn or anything  *toot toot* but I’m pretty damn pleased with the queue I was in when they handed out eyebrows. We all have to like at least one thing about ourselves and eyebrows are my thing. If you use an eyebrow pencil then you should also be using a spoolie/ eyebrow brush. If you’re going au naturel then you need to be using a spoolie/eyebrow brush. These free tools, yes I said free, (found at all makeup counters) brush your bushy friends into pristine submission. Your hair needs a brush so why wouldn’t your eyebrows?

Regardless of what brushes or sponges you use on your face please just make sure they are clean. You should be washing your brushes at the very least once a month. I use baby shampoo and MAC’s Brush Cleanser to revive my dirty brushes. Now tell me something – what brushes can’t you live without?

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