My 5 Favourite Summer Nails ♥

September 29, 2014

During Winter I shared with you guys a few of my favourite nail polish shades for the colder months.  But now that the weather has turned warmer (except for today.) it’s time for the light and bright colours to come out and play. I definitely have more nail polishes that would be classified as ‘Summer’ colours, and while I have many favourites, I think these are the ones I wear the most often. What are your favourites for Summer time?

 ♥ Essie Splash of Grenadine – This magenta pink shade from Essie is one of those colours that immediately makes you think of Summer time. It’s one of those popular shades that most Essie-loving girls will own. It was actually my first ever Essie polish and I’ve never looked back since. Brush, formula and application are top notch. (R119 – R123 at Dis-Chem, Foschini & Stuttafords)

 ♥ Ralo #87 – I’m completely obsessed with this cool-toned pastel purple shade from Ralo.
Two coats gives you the perfect opaque look. These polishes also last pretty long on my nails and by pretty long I mean 3-4 days. I’m wearing this today and I can’t stop looking at my nails. This is one of those shades that people always seem to compliment me on. (R23.60 at Ralo Stores or online)

 ♥ Essence That’s What I Mint! – I can’t imagine summer time without mint nails. This is the perfect shade of mint in my opinion – just the right amount of green to blue ratio. The Essence brushes are in my opinion the perfect size to apply polish in one swipe. Application is always even and colour is perfectly opaque. This is one of those colours that I will keep on repurchasing. (R24.95 at Clicks & Dis-Chem)

 ♥ Tip Top Lady Lilla – This one is a recent addition to my collection and it’s the most beautiful colour. It forms part of Tip Top’s Spring collection, called Sumptuous. (Sneaky little giveaway coming soon). I also love the price, of course. They’re only R39 (at Clicks) and they’ve been that price for many years.  The quality as we can expect from Tip Top is pretty good. The colour is also very different to anything else I own. It’s beyond words. It’s almost like lilac and blue mixed together and had a baby. This is definitely going to be my go to shade this Summer.

Essie Peach Daiquiri – This polish doesn’t exactly have the perfect name, I mean there isn’t really a hint of peachiness in it, is there? When my friend Cassidy (The Glam Green Girl) spotted me wearing this colour she described it as more of a Strawberry Daiquiri. She’s spot on. Nevertheless, it’s still a bright, summer shade. This gorgeous coral-pink colour immediately brightens up your mood. Just like all Essie polishes the brush applies the polish smoothly and evenly and it’s so glossy it could almost pass for gel polish. (R119 – R123 at Dis-Chem, Foschini & Stuttafords)