My Essie Fall/Autumn 2015 Favourites


When it comes to Winter and we’re talking about weather then I can’t say I’m the biggest fan. Sure, there are a few things that I find appealing such as hot chocolate, soups, scarves and warm blankets, but when it comes to the cold I’ll swap it for warm, beach weather any day. However, the one thing about the cooler months that actually excites me are the Winter nail polish shades – dark, moody colours that make my heart and eyes happy. I was recently sent a huge suitcase (yes, a suitcase) filled with a whole lot of Essie polishes. So naturally I kept some for myself. A girl has the right to be a little bit selfish every now and again, doesn’t she? But then again I also shared some with you guys when I hosted my Essie giveaway last month. See, I’m not so bad.

The Essie Fall/Autumn collections always make the transition into Winter so much easier. The 2015 collection, “Dress to Kilt” is no different. It’s a medley of warm autumn hues that for me immediately conjured up images of Winter-inspired textures and fabrics. I found the formula of these polishes to be a bit thicker than they usually are, but still completely manageable. The first thing that I noticed about this collection is that some of the shades are glossier and more gel-like in appearance than other Essie polishes. I’m looking directly at you “Style Cartel”. I applied two coats for all these shades and I’m seriously impressed by the smooth application and glossy finish. This collection has been love at first coat.


Dress to Kilt is the signature shade of this collection and it isn’t hard to see why. Who doesn’t love a classic red nail? Well a classic red with a darker twist. It’s a bit warmer than your typical red plus the formula is shiny and creamy and two coats give you the perfect opaque finish.

Fall in Line is like nothing else I own, but at the same time feels like the quintessential fall/autumn shade. This dusty camo-like shade also has a high-gloss finish and applies like a dream. This one was the closest to being a one-coat application. But I still feel that two coats gives a rich, pristine finish.


Style Cartel can easily be described using only one word – magnificent. I’ve never owned a polish that looks as shiny, jelly like, intense or striking as this inky blue. Two coats give you the glossiest finish you’ll ever see. It’s so glossy that it has an almost gel-like quality to it. The shade is extremely flattering and brighter than your usual dark blue/navy. This one wins hands down and I’ll probably spend the rest of Autumn/Winter wearing this utterly perfect polish.  One word of advice though is to definitely wear a base coat as this one stains the worst out of all the colours.


The other three shades from the “Dress to Kilt” collection are just as beautiful –  The Perfect Cover Up (deep peacock teal), Partner In Crime (rich chocolate-brown) and Take It Outside (punchy, fresh taupe).

You can find the Essie Fall/Autumn collection at selected Dis-Chem, Clicks and Foschini stores for R125.

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