May Test Box Unboxing + Reviews


Plump, voluminous, big and full are all magical words when it comes to describing the state of your hair or the hair products you’re using and this is exactly what the May Test Box is all about – plumping up the volume with Kevin Murphy. In case you’re not familiar with this beauty box subscription service then let me quickly refresh your memory. You sign up for a monthly subscription (R160 pm) and your box full of the latest releases in hair and beauty will arrive on your doorstep every month. Professional brands that aren’t easily available at stores are what you’ll be getting. Also, all the travel sizes you receive can all be purchased (in full sizes) on the Test Box website. They’re now also offering a one month service instead of just the three, six and twelve month options (hassle free debit orders) they were offering before. This can be paid upfront for the following months box.


Let’s jump right in and share the contents of the May box. This months box included the Kevin Murphy Plumping.Wash (light pink bottle), Kevin Murphy Plumping.Rinse (darker pink bottle) and a Test Box Soy Body Candle. I can already see all my fellow fine-haired ladies edging closer to their screens. Dont worry I had the same reaction when I discovered the May box was all about volume. Plump it up, girls! We get to try out the Plumping range from this high quality brand and I couldn’t be happier. The pink duo is for thicker, fuller hair and in case you were wondering all KM products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free.

Both these densifying delights have a lovely, soft and comforting scent.  But that’s certainly not their most defining quality.  The Plumping.Line actually boasts an impressive list of ingredients that not only help with volume but also with hair loss which is something I’ve been struggling with for many years now. Insert excited emoji over here. No, not excited about my hair loss but I am very excited about these little pink tubs of wonder. Some of their ingredients include ginger root (improves circulation), Apigenin (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties),  Vitamin H (used to treat baldness), rice protein, rice amino acid (hair repair), nettle extracts (encourage hair growth) and Oleanolic acid which fortifies the hair from the root and helps fight follicle ageing. I’ve used countless hair loss/volumising products and these ingredients are legit. I’m no scientist but after researching numerous hair loss remedies I know a little bit about the important ingredients inside hair care products.


The Kevin Murphy Plumping.Wash (shampoo) as well as the Kevin Murphy Plumping.Rinse (conditioner) both feel amazing when being used and volume aside my hair feels softer and looks shinier and healthier.  The Plumping.Line was created to prolong the Anagen (growing) phase of your hair but this can take anywhere from two weeks to a month. I’ve been using them for about a week now so I can’t give you accurate results but so far so good. Trying not to jinx anything though so I’ll definitely keep you guys updated and will post more comprehensive findings later on in the month.

The third item in the May Test Box is a mini handmade soy candle that melts into a luxurious oil when heated up.  These types of candles are an indulgent moisturiser perfect for Winter time and the dry skin it brings. The scent is soothing and relaxing and if your skin is sensitive then these are the way to go.

Prices are as follows: Plumping Wash (40ml) – R100 , Plumping Rinse (40ml) – R100 and Soy Body Candle – R40.  Include the price of delivery (R60) and your box this month is worth R300. But remember you’re only paying R160.

May 5, 2015 • By