LUX – 10 Tips to Ignite the Spark with Fragrance


When it comes to relationships it’s hard to understand the laws of attraction. But one thing we can probably all agree on is that feeling you get when you glance across the room and lock eyes with someone you’re attracted to. That fantastic feeling is an unmistakable ”spark” and it’s something we’re all after, right? As time goes on in relationships that initial spark and those butterflies fade and you settle into a comfortable familiarity. But it doesn’t have to be that way does it? I’m going to share 10 tips to help reignite that lost spark with your partner. How you ask? With the help of flirty fragrances and a bit of LUX you’ll be exploring that “love at first sniff” fondness again…


1. Pamper yourself with a luxurious LUX bath using the “Soft Touch” range. Not only will that leave your skin feeling silky soft, but it will also lightly scent your skin and what better way to get your partners attention than with a seductive whiff of French rose as you walk by. As a bonus the rosey scent will leave you feeling irresistibly attractive and feminine and there’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman that’s comfortable in her own skin.

2. Write a short love letter or poem for your significant other. Once you’re finished, seal it with a kiss and a spritz of your perfume. Fragrances are know to be closely linked to emotions. Smell is a powerful sense after all. The sexy scent will definitely reignite those feelings he has for you.

3. Train your other half’s brain using fragrance. If you have a signature scent then be sure to only wear that perfume around him. He will begin to associate that smell with you. You can even go as far as spritzing a little in his luggage when he’s off on a business trip. You can be certain he’ll be thinking of you while the two of you are apart…

4. Buy several bunches of roses and spread them throughout the house. The overwhelming romantic scent of roses will overtake his senses. He’ll definitely stop to smell the roses. You can even sprinkle soft petals around the bath on date night. That’s sure to reignite the “Spark”.  There’s a reason why in ancient times people routinely used roses in their love potions. Apparently roses contain “phenylethylamine,” the chemical produced by people in love.

5. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In that case why not whip up his favourite dish for dinner tonight. When he walks into the kitchen a whiff of his best-loved food will immediately bring up emotions of closeness and fondness. There’s nothing more romantic than a meal prepared with love.


6. Did you know that the scent of vanilla is supposed to be the number one fragrance that makes men drool? It’s the perfect reason to stock up on some vanilla scented candles. You’ll be setting the mood with ambience as well as with the power of smell. Or you could even bake a vanilla bean torte. It should have the same effect, right?

7. You could even reignite the spark by gifting your partner with a scent/fragrance that you love. If you feel a connection to a certain smell then you’ll be more likely to feel “loved up” whenever your partner walks by wearing that scent. You’ll feel closer to them emotionally and hopefully with the use of fragrance physically as well.

8. A massage is a tried and true method to reconnecting with your other half.  You’re spending time alone and focusing only on each other. You could try using a few sexy massage oil scents to ignite the spark – Jasmine, Patchouli, Neroli or Ylang Ylang will do the trick.

9. Spritz your favourite perfume on his pillow before bedtime. You know he’ll be having sweet dreams about YOU…

10. If your partner is away on a trip why not sleep in one of their shirts. The scent of him will definitely help re-ignite any lost spark.

December 16, 2015 • By