LUSH Haul + First Impressions


Calling all Lushies! In case you didn’t know Johannesburg finally have their very own Lush store (Dainfern Square) and it’s a feast for the eyes – handmade soaps, masks, creams, bath bombs and scrubs as far as the eye can see. I was lucky enough to attend the VIP event that took place on Friday and was even luckier to walk away with a goodie bag that can rival the best of them. I had an absolute blast at the new Dainfern store and walked around sniffing, touching and testing out everything like a crack addict. Anyway, click play to watch my Lush haul and take a peek at all the delightful things that have been added to my Lush collection.

Oh yes and you’ll find out in the video, but in case you don’t feel like watching it I reveal the news that a new, second Johannesburg location (Rosebank) will be opening up before Christmas. Woohoo!

June 22, 2015 • By