L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss


As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, all the South African beauty bloggers have been buying, wearing and consequently raving about the new L.A. Girl matte lipsticks. I really wish I could have fallen in line with them and loved these “go on like a gloss but dry matte” lippies. I truly wanted to love them. There are 16 vivid and beautiful shades to choose from. They were promising and there was so much to love about them. But as a beauty blogger it’s my civil duty to give you the lowdown on new products and the truth is, Shania Twain says it best – “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. I’m probably going to be the only blogger that feels this way so I’m already preparing for all the rock-throwing and hate emails.


Over the weekend I rushed out to my closest Dis-Chem branch to oogle, play and possibly cash in on the 3 for 2 L.A. Girl special. I spent about five minutes swatching (on my hand) and after a few swipes of the brush I was immediately impressed with the bold shades and colour payoff. I was on the lookout for a nude/lighter shade to pair with my smokey eye later that evening so straightaway I gravitated towards “Fantasy”, a soft muted neon pink with a hint of peach. I’ll start off by saying that I adore the colour. It’s very unusual and like nothing else I own. The shades are extremely pigmented so one point in the pro column for you, L.A Girl. A few more pros about this liquid lipstick is that it has pretty good staying power and once applied it hangs on for dear life. Tick, tick.

The doe foot applicator is functional but not ideal for this type of lipstick consistency. There goes a cross for the con column. Did someone say consistency? These have a thin, semi-wet feeling as you apply them. I find myself spreading the product with my finger to achieve a full colour and even finish, which I still found almost impossible to do. They dry down to matte relatively fast and something you’ll notice is that they feel very tacky and sticky while they’re drying. As long as you don’t smack or smoosh your lips together then it shouldn’t bother you too much.


A quick disclaimer if you’ve made it this far. I have dry lips so a matte formula is probably the formula I shouldn’t be reaching for but rather avoid like the plague. Nevertheless, I really wanted to try these so I could give you guys a review. I found that when I scrubbed my lips and applied a bit of lip balm or Vaseline first I got the smoothest application, colour evenness and wear out of it. Another thing worth mentioning is that these don’t feel comfortable on your lips. I’m persistently aware of the lipstick on my mouth and as a perpetual lip-licker it feels like I constantly have a chalky coating over my lips. I know I’m not painting the prettiest picture when it comes to these matte lipsticks and in their defense I think the darker shades apply better than the lighter ones. I made that same mistake with L.A Girl last time (see review here) You know what they say about insanity – it’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Shame on me.

If you’re going to pick one of these up, which isn’t a terrible idea as long as you don’t have dry lips and you choose a darker shade, you can expect to pay R59.95 . Two thumbs up to L.A. Girl for being budget friendly as well as cruelty-free.

August 27, 2015 • By