{I’ve Tried That} ♥ The Makeup Bullet

November 20, 2014

If you guys watch my YouTube videos then you’ve probably already spotted this handy little makeup tool when I mentioned it on my 5 Favourites Friday list. In case you’re wondering you can purchase this nifty beauty bullet off the 27Pinkx website for R300. This makeup sponge has been described as “The most practical makeup applicator and blender sponge ever created!”. It was created by Emmy Award winning makeup artist Eva Jane Bunkley and is intended for almost all types of makeup application.

The Makeup Bullet fits snugly onto your pointer finger. This little sponge turns your finger into the perfect blending tool. It’s certainly a lot more hygienic for makeup artists who prefer to blend using their fingers. This cosmetic tool is ideal for smoothing, softening, blending and smudging makeup. I’ve been using it for a while now and I use it mainly for under-eye concealer. I can achieve a smoother, streak-free finish that looks a lot more airbrushed then when I use my fingers. Winning!

Just like the beauty blender, the Makeup Bullet can be used wet or dry. When it’s damp it expands and gives a softer, more sheer appearance to your makeup, but with that being said I’m on “Team Dry”. A few more positive points are that this sponge is reusable and easy to wash. But keep in mind that it’s a gentle little thing that needs a bit of TLC during bath time. I love that the bullet is black as I find that staining isn’t as big of an issue as it usually is. This cosmetic sponge is also hypo-allergenic as well as latex-free, which makes it absolutely perfect for all types of skin.

The pointed shape makes application easier in all those hard to reach corners and feels soft against your skin. My concealer now looks less cakey and definitely blends more seamlessly into my skin, and therefore does a better job of hiding my pesky under-eye circles. A big bonus is that it’s small enough to just pop into your makeup bag. I’ve been on a serious beauty sponge kick and this beauty bullet has become a firm favourite in my makeup routine. I don’t apply my concealer without putting on my makeup bullet first.