{I’ve Tried That} ♥ Fennel Strawberry Ice Cream Body Yoghurt

June 17, 2014

So, besides being a sucker for packaging I’m also a sucker for anything that smells good enough to eat. I mean my fave scents are cinnamon, cherry, blueberry, melon and…um, petrol, after all, Okay, so let’s just overlook the last smell. Basically anything that smells like a baked good or slightly fruity is usually right up there on my favourites list. I was aimlessly wondering through the aisles of Dis-Chem the other day, you know as one does. Other people do do that, right? After eyeing the shelves for anything new I stumbled across a few body creams that I’ve never seen before. Have any of you tried Fennel cosmetics? I think the brand originates from Poland but I might be wrong. Anyway, I’m one of those people that like to sniff the product before purchasing it, so I was a tad bit disappointed when these body yoghurt’s (cool name, hey?) had a stubborn layer of foil between me and yummy scent discovery. After checking out a few I did however discover one with a hole in. Boom! These smell EXACTLY like what they are described as. Four words for you – good enough to eat!

After my sister and I basically demolished the poor shelf looking for the best ‘flavours’ we settled on “Strawberry Ice-Cream”, which my sister describes as a Yogi Sip in body lotion form, and “Ginger Bread”, which pretty much sums up every scent I’ve ever loved. This was a difficult decision that needed to be taken very seriously. I mean with yummy options like Chocolate Chip Cookie, Coconut Cream Pie, Coco Lime and even Carrot, how is a girl supposed to choose? I am a Libran after all. When I got home and opened one up I discovered the reason behind the maddening foil wrapping. These body yoghurt’s have a creamy appearance, with a very light, sloppy consistency.  It’s like no other body lotion I’ve used before. It’s almost like the texture of a pudding. This might not suit everyone, but it doesn’t really bother me as they still absorb quickly and a little bit goes a very long way. The non-sticky formula melts into your skin and leaves your skin soft and smelling just like the name of the product suggests. This might be better suited for Summer time as they’re quite moisturising but might not be rich enough for very dry skin.

I love how authentic the scents are and the best part is the price. These sell for only R30 at Dis-Chem and if you’re a fan of the strawberry range at The Body Shop then the Strawberry Ice Cream flavour is a pretty decent dupe scent-wise. I haven’t seen the Pumpkin Pie scent on the shelves, but I did see it on the Internet so if you happen to spot it at your local Dis-Chem then immediately pop that into your trolley, ring it up, box it and post it to me that same day. Hehe. That’s like my ultimate scent right there. Yummmmy! Now please excuse me while I go find something sweet to eat as all this talk has made me very hungry for cake. 😉