HEAN High Definition Camouflage Eye Trio


Do you suffer from impossible dark circles, redness or discoloration around your eye area? I certainly do. If you nodded along with me then you probably also know what a struggle it is to find the perfect under-eye fixers. You can imagine my big smile when HEAN recently offered to send me one of their color correcting trios. I basically have a whole drawer dedicated to these types of “camouflaging” products and to be honest I’ll never have enough.


This camouflaging eye trio from HEAN (R135 at Glamore Cosmetics) has everything you need to sort out all the discoloration issues you might have around your eyes.  The pink shade is ideal for disguising blue/purple darkness underneath your eyes. The purple shade can be used to neutralize yellow undertones or skin discoloration and can also brighten up the skin. The white shade is used to highlight, lighten and brighten up your skin. In the photo below I show you what my eye area looks like without any makeup on. You’ll notice I have dark circles (the camera is too kind on these), eyelid redness, pigmentation and noticeable veins. I applied the pink shade under my eye and the purple shade over my entire eyelid as well as my inner eye corner/hollow. I then put some of the white on top of the pink (under my eye) just to brighten up the area. I absolutely love how this trio eradicates all sorts of bruising, redness and pigmentation. I don’t even have concealer on in these pics. Great job, HEAN!


The thermo–active formula is soft, creamy (not greasy or sticky) and easy to blend. As the correcting concealer touches your warm skin it melts like butter and blends in easily. It applies beautifully with your fingers (helps activate thermal effects) or even with a concealer brush. The consistency is thick enough to cover up skin irregularities but not too thick that it becomes impossible to work with. It seems to sink into your skin quickly and doesn’t crease too badly. But seeing as it’s only a ‘base’ for other makeup I have no issues with it shifting or disappearing during the day.

In case you’re not familiar with under-eye correctors let me quickly explain it to you. Thanks to a combination of long work hours, lack of sleep, and plain old genetics you might find yourself with dark circles, signs of fatigue or discoloration. The next obvious step is covering up these ‘issues’ with a makeup product. Some people will turn to an ultra thick concealer and end up with a cakey mess under their eyes. Stop! When you’re dealing with under-eye problems you need to layer your products. You start off with a colour correcting product like this HEAN trio. You apply a thin layer of corrector and then you apply your concealer and then finally your setting powder. It’s that simple. If you’ve always skipped the corrector step then do yourself a favour and get yourself a corrector. It will change your under-eye makeup game, I promise!


You can get yourself this HEAN High Definition Camouflage Eye Trio for R135 off the Glamore Cosmetics website. They also have a skin trio for facial discoloration. Great price and great quality.

September 28, 2015 • By