Gumtree Phone Price Checker


I always enjoy featuring lifestyle posts on here seeing as I like to consider myself a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. However, I always seem to focus more on beauty, well except for my 5 Favourite Friday posts which is always a mixed bag of bits and pieces. It’s kinda like a lucky bag. You never know what you’re going to get. Anyway, before I go completely off topic let me communicate the reason for this post. I want to share something that I think all of you should find relevant as well as useful – buying and selling cell phones. This is certainly something we’ve all dealt with and now things have been made a lot easier by Gumtree.


I’m going to introduce you to the Gumtree Phone Price Checker.  This nifty little tool will help you find the perfect price for the phone you’re selling or looking to buy. Not all of us are on contract and some of us have to try to scrape together money to buy the latest phone on the market. That’s why this Gumtree tool is ideal for those of you that want to sell their old phones to make a bit of extra cash for their new one.

Let me use my own, errr… old phone as an example. If I want to try sell my Samsung Galaxy S4 on Gumtree using the Phone Price Checker I should be pricing it at about R3,000 (condition of phone will change this). All the details are in the image below. If I price it lower than this then obviously I have a better chance of selling my phone because when someone searches for my model they’re going to find 3,879 of them on Gumtree and naturally I want my advert to be on top of the list. This tool will swiftly help you price your phone advert so that it sells faster than you can say “Phone Price Checker”. Okay, now try saying that fast 10 times over.


The Phone Price Checker tool obviously works just as well if you’re trying to buy a second-hand phone, which is something we’re all looking at considering the exorbitant prices of new phones these days.  Before you start hunting through the adverts you can get a good idea of what the average phone goes for and this will definitely come into play when selecting the model and make you’ll end up choosing.

This tool also has quick navigational buttons to access all available adverts for that model with one click. It displays the most popular models in the sidebar which is very handy when you’re the type that wants the latest and best.

Go check out this tool and I can assure you that if you’re on the lookout for a different phone you’re sure to find it on Gumtree. Hmmm.. I’ve already spotted a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini that definitely needs a new home.

May 13, 2015 • By