Gumtree Holiday Gift Guides


The Christmas trees are lit up, houses are festively decorated and gingerbread cookies are baking in the oven. It’s officially the holiday season. It’s that time of the year when shopping malls are a mad house and venturing out to one is like braving a jungle filled with wild animals. The wild animals being fellow shoppers pushing and hustling through the shops. That’s the great thing about online shopping – avoiding all the hullabaloo. You can sit back and browse the ‘racks’ and ‘shelves’ while sipping on spicy eggnog. At what mall can you do that? This is why Gumtree’s Holiday Gift Guides are exactly what you need this festive season.


Gumtree’s gift guides are divided into 5 sections – Babies & Kids, Techies, Fashionista’s, Sportsman and Decoristas. This makes shopping convenient and easy.  I was immediately drawn to the “Fashionista” category. This girls loves her clothes (and shoes) after all. As December rolls around I think we can all agree that cash is a bit tight. We want to buy our mother/sister/aunt/partner an island but all we can afford is a scented candle that smells like one. I’ve noticed, after a bit of perusing, that there are items on the Gumtree Gift Guide to suit every budget. But please don’t let the average selling price above alarm you (one person is selling luxury branded shoes for over R100,000). On average you’ll find a great pair of heels for about R200-R500. Just take a look at these sexy black strappy heels for R200. Merry Christmas to me.

If you’re not a shoe-loving girl then maybe their selection of handbags, sunglasses and dresses will pique your interest. But perhaps you’re not into fashion at all and instead you’re a Decor Diva? In that case you’ll love the category for “Decoristas“. The whole browsing and shopping process is simple and easy to follow and there’s no reason for you not find great gifts for your family, friends and even yourself over on Gumtree. Happy shopping!

December 8, 2015 • By