Essie Cashmere Matte Collection + Swatches


I think we can all agree that Essie release the prettiest nail polish collections. You’ve probably already seen the spring collection all over the stores, but have you spotted the beautiful Essie Cashmere Matte collection yet? 6 matte shades that I can best describe as “pretty, soft and feminine”. However, this collection is nothing like other mattes you’ve seen before. They offer a satin-matte texture with a micro-iridescent finish. They’re utterly mesmerizing. The luxurious neutral color palette was supposed to have been inspired by rich cashmere. They apply smoothly and dry quickly. As always Essie have a winning collection.

Wrap Me Up – A subtle creamy, off-white shade with a hint of a pink undertone that screams “wedding season”. The perfect neutral shade for the less adventurous ladies out there. I’ve been able to achieve an opaque look with only two coats and I feel this flattering shade will suit most skin tones. It’s the equivalent of vanilla ice cream- safe, everyone enjoys it and while a tad bit boring it’s still satisfying. This one doesn’t have the same reflective pearl finish that the others offer, which makes it a true neutral matte and the one that looks the most like a soft cashmere sweater in my opinion.

Essie cashmere matte

Comfy in Cashmere – A taupe base with mauve undertones and bright blue shimmer. The issue I have with the duochrome polishes is that once they’ve dried the shimmer effect is a little too subtle for my taste. However, I’ve been applying a glossy top coat to them and wow, what a difference that makes. I know this seems almost counter-intuitive, but trust me when I say the results are magical. Once again two coats is all you need to achieve a smooth, opaque finish. 

Spun in Luxe – I’ll start off by saying that this matte black with royal blue shimmer is by far my favourite shade in the Cashmere collection. But with that being said it was also the most disappointing matte for me. In the bottle this spellbinding blue-black polish is like a shimmery night sky but unfortunately that doesn’t translate onto your nails at all. Well, that’s until you add a top coat, because that’s where the magic happens. Take a look at this pic from the weekend. I’m sporting “Spun in Luxe” on my pinkie finger with a top coat (plus some extra glitter). Once you apply a top coat the blue shades really comes through and it completely changes the effect. Apply two coats and you have a rich, opaque finish to ogle.

All Eyes on Nudes – A matte collection wouldn’t be complete without a flat, nude matte. This one is a camel-hued neutral that looks like it comes straight out of Kylie Jenner’s collection. It also happens to be my least favourite in the collection. The shade isn’t all that flattering against my pale, cool-skinned hands. However, it still applies smoothly and evenly with absolutely no shimmer. This is a true matte that will excite many a nail polish loving gal. Two coats and you’ve achieved maximum opaqueness.

Essie cashmere matte

Just Stitched – A soft pink with turquoise shimmer running through it. The shimmer is subtle but it definitely elevates what would be a very basic pink matte. This is another one that looks great with a top coat. A glossy shine helps bring the blue shimmer out and looks majestic as it catches the light. This pale pink is on the sheerer side and needs about three coats to achieve full opacity.

Coat Couture – This blue-toned purple shade contains a gorgeous blue shimmer. It’s one of my faves for sure. One again a top coat definitely helps make the shimmer pop. The shimmer is definitely more prevalent in the bottle, but if too much shimmer puts you off then you might love the subtle effect this creates. This is another two-coat wonder.

You can find all six swoon-worthy Cashmere shades for R125 (each) at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Foschini and selected salons.

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