{DIY} Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas ❤


It’s the month of love, kisses and hugs and tomorrow will be the culmination of all that when millions of flowers, gifts and boxes of candy are exchanged between couples all over the world. But wait, you just realized that you’ve been so busy that you completely forgot to buy your significant other a present. Don’t worry I have you covered. I’m going to share two small, but sweet ideas to show your partner that yes, you do indeed care about them and that’s why you decided to make something yourself. These are also great ideas if you’re on a budget but you still want to give your loved one a special gift.

If your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/complicated relationship partner is a big tea or coffee drinker then this idea might be perfect for them. You’ll combine their love of caffeine as well as a personal message that they can enjoy every day. All you need is a plain white mug (Pick n Pay have these for R13) and a permanent marker (oil-based works best) or ceramic paint in your chosen colour. The next step is to get creative. You can doodle, write a love note or even put their nickname on the mug. I’ve seen some adorable ideas for coffee lovers – “I Love you a Latte” or “I love you more than coffee” and I think tea drinkers might enjoy “You’re my cup of tea”. This is where you can get as personal and sweet as you like. It’s time to cheese it up seeing as it’s that time of the year. Just remember that a high-end ceramic paint should be dish-washer safe, but a permanent marker (oil-based) will only be hand-wash friendly.

I think it’s a cute idea to give this little mug to your mate on Valentine’s morning with their favourite blend of coffee or tea inside. It’s simple but sweet. I know I would love Eric forever if he woke me up with something like that. There are a few other options though. You could fill it with their favourite candy or chocolate or even put another small gift inside. Go wild and be creative.

My second DIY idea can actually form part of the first one. If you’re not going to serve your mug with a hot beverage then you’ll need to wrap it up, won’t you? Instead of donning your favourite red lippie and smothering your partner in kisses why not give them the gift of a million kisses and that way you don’t have to mess up your makeup. This do-it-yourself is just as simple as the mug idea. All you’ll need is the paper of your choice. I went with white because it’s clean, crisp and it shows up my lip prints perfectly. Then you’ll need the lipsticks that you plan on using. I went with a few different shades of pink and red to create a bit of variety.

The next step is to coat your lips with your romantic hue, pucker up and go kissing crazy on the paper. Once you’ve covered the paper in smooches you’ll need to wait for it to dry. A hairdryer comes in handy at this point. When your paper is ready you can wrap your gift (whatever it may be) and decorate it with cute accents. I went with a lip sucker  (I got it at Clicks for R6)) because it ties in quite nicely with the theme, don’t you think? You could even attach a little note that says “Sealed with a Kiss”.

The best tip I have for the wrapping is to use lipsticks that aren’t too thick and stay away from anything glossy as they won’t dry and you’ll end up with a bit of a mess. I hope you can use some of these ideas and that it brings out your creative side. Happy Valentine’s Day. ❤


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