Currently Testing ♥ Redken Cerafill Retaliate for Hair Thinning

October 28, 2014

I used to have seriously thick hair. The kind of voluminous locks that required time and patience to style and control. Then one day I started noticing a few extra hairs in my hairbrush, on my pillow and in the shower. I tried numerous vitamins, Chinese herbs, tonics, creams, sprays and shampoos, but to no avail. Let’s fast forward 4 years and we arrive at today, here with this new hair thinning system from Redken.

I was recently given these products to test out and today marks my first week of using the retaliate range from Cerafill. I’ve discovered, the hard way that there’s no quick fix or miracle product that will instantly restore my locks to their former glory. Nonetheless, I’m very excited to be using Cerafill, which has a bit of science behind it. Cerafill have categorised their products based on the extremity of your hair loss. I’m using retaliate because I’ve been suffering from hair loss for a while now and my hair is more than 50% thinner then it used to be. It’s noticeable thinning and parts of my scalp can be seen through my hair, or rather lack of hair.

So, after a full week of using Cerafill what are my initial thoughts? The stimulating shampoo tingles a bit due to the menthol content. My hair feels softer and as crazy as it sounds the whole “You will feel like you’ve added 9,000 hairs to your head” after one use claim might actually have a bit of truth to it. If I run my fingers through my hair it feels a bit thicker. I will report back after 3 months and let you guys know if my hair feels denser and if I’ve experienced hair regrowth. Hold thumbs!