Benefit Cosmetics is Back + Prices


This time last week I was waiting in anticipation for Thursday to arrive. What was so special about this day you ask? It was the day that I would be attending the Benefit (re)launch in Cape Town. I knew that even if they served zoo biscuits and made us stand all afternoon I would still enjoy every second of it and that’s exactly what I did –  enjoy it. We were treated to a limo ride, a buffet of sweet treats, a candy bar, sushi, cocktails, cabaret dancers draped in feathers and best of all Benefit cosmetic counters (with makeup artists) for as far as the eye could see. Needless to say that’s where I spent most of time.


Over the years I’ve tried many products from this pink-loving brand and even featured it a few times over here on the blog (see here). I’ve been a fan of their cute names, eye-catching packaging as well as their quality since the first time they made an appearance in S.A. I’m beyond excited to have them back on our shelves and what I want to know from you is what would you like to see reviews on? Have you had your eye on a Benefit product or do you spot something in one of my pics? Let me know and I’ll make a review happen. Also, just in case you’re wondering my goodie bag contained Benetint (R385), POREfessional (R395), They’re Real Mascara (R295) and Gimme Brow (R295).


If you follow me on social media then you would have already been bombarded with images, tweets and snap-chats about Benefit cosmetics and you’re well aware of the fact that they will be available in July and as early as next week in Sandton.  Yippeee! Excitement has reached maximum levels. *Squeal*.  Get to your nearest branch and look out for that colourful stand that is sure to catch your makeup-loving eye. (more Benefit counters will pop up during the year)

Edgars Sandton, Johannesburg  – 11 July 2015
Edgars Clearwater, Johannesburg – 13 July 2015
Red Square Cresta, Johannesburg – 15 July 2015
Red Square Canal Walk, Cape Town – 17 July 2015
Edgars Canal Walk, Cape Town – 18 July 2015

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