How to avoid dry winter skin with SIX Sensational Skincare


As the cold weather sets in and the temperature drops so does your skin’s moisture levels. Jarring winds, cold temperatures, and dry air tend to sap your skin of its natural oils, leaving it parched, tight and uncomfortable. Bleh! Fight skin dryness with the help of products intended to boost hydration. Products such as these moisture-miracles from SIX Sensational skincare.  Most likely your summer skin care routine will just not cut it in winter. You’ll need to step it up and introduce richer products to replenish lost moisture.

Moisture Boost Mask (R352)

Keeping your skin hydrated is just as important as keeping your body hydrated. H2O is the world’s best beauty elixir and eight glasses a day is optimal for younger, healthier skin. This moisture boost mask has been touted as the equivalent of eight cups of water for the skin. It soothes, plumps, revives and protects the skin. Your skin is nourished by the apricot and boosted with moisture by the Shea butter. My skin is definitely softer and smoother since including this mask in my weekly routine. When my skin is in a serious need of a jolt of hydration, I leave this on overnight and wake up to ultra-nourished skin.

Vitamin Booster Oil (R535)

This facial oil has been simply referred to as a vitamin cocktail for dry and dehydrated skin. The inclusion of  Wheatgerm Oil helps with cracked, scarred skin, giving it an even tone, while Vine Extract offers anti-inflammatory benefits as well as protecting and strengthening your skin barriers. The best type of cocktail – one which restores moisture instead of depleting it. The lovely, slightly candy-like scent makes the application of this oil that much more enjoyable and I take great pleasure in mixing a drop or two into my favourite foundation for a flawless finish and a healthy, luminous glow – just what Winter skin needs.

The best thing about this skin-loving oil? Unlike other facial oils, this one from SIX doesn’t make use of the eye dropper, but instead, product dispenses through a pump. One pump and you have enough oil to cover your face/neck. It absorbs nicely and leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished and most importantly, hydrated.

You can purchase both these products at Salons in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Contact ‘The Spa Consultants’ (011 312 7840) for nearby stockists



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