Africology Slimming Detox & Renewal Body Glow


Are you familiar with the Africology brand? I have to (embarrassingly) admit that I’d never tried any of their products before. I was acquainted with their name but to be honest I didn’t know much about them until an email appeared in my inbox recently. The thing I was the most impressed by was the fact that their humble beginnings started in a kitchen in Johannesburg. Fast forward to present day and Africology is now considered as one of the leading natural, eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare companies in South Africa. However, their success has gone beyond South Africa’s borders and the brand is now available across the World, including Belgium, France, UK, USA, Turkey and Scandinavia. All Africology products are fragranced with only pure essential oils and all products are 100% natural and bio-degradable which benefits your body and mind as well as the environment.

Africology sent over two of their body care products to help get my body Summer ready. I probably need a weed wacker, a seaweed wrap and three bottles of self tan in order to be Summer ready, but these two products were definitely a great start. The Slimming Detox Cream (R320) actually contains seaweed so it’s essentially the same thing as a seaweed wrap, right? It’s also formulated with ivy, horsetail, queen-meadow and biting clematis, which are all chosen for their effective slimming and firming properties. The invigorating scent can be attributed to the blend of sweet almond oil, grapefruit oil, rosemary oil and juniper oil.


The consistency of the slimming detox cream is light and ‘fluffy’ and melts into your skin very easily. By now I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s called a slimming detox cream, right? The addition of caffeine and guarana extract triggers cell processes that stimulate the cells to help burn up excess fat. Africology pride themselves on formulating a slimming cream that creates extra activity in the cell and ensures that the skin’s water supply is not tampered with. This way you won’t experience false weight loss through dehydration. Juts keep in mind that this cream isn’t going to make you shed those extra kilos, but if used after body brushing or exfoliation you can help improve the condition of your skin in those problem areas.

What girl doesn’t love a bit of shimmer? The Africology Skin Renewal Body Glow balm (R500) is packed full of a fine gold glitter that immediately piqued my interest. Take a second and picture sun-kissed skin and an island lifestyle of cocktails on the beach. These are the desirables that inspired Africology to formulate this body balm. It’s ultra hydrating, anti-aging and contains high levels of hyaluronic acid, which is packed with benefits, especially for skins showing signs of aging.  The magic of this ingredient is in its ability to retain moisture. I love how this balm gives my skin a healthy, summer glow with a hint of shimmer. This golden goddess shimmer is made up of mica minerals, a natural shimmer that gives your skin a beautiful ‘just-stepped-off-beach’ glow.

November 5, 2015 • By