5 Favourites Friday ♥

June 20, 2014

1. Shoo Wee, but it’s been a good reading month for me. I love how Winter has a way of instantly turning me into a bookworm that just devours book after book. It’s definitely the best way to spend a cold night or a Saturday morning. I recently read and finished “The Fault in Our Stars” and while I really enjoyed it, it was too fast of a read. I’m looking forward to the movie even though I know I’m going to ugly cry through the whole thing, just like I did with the book. *awkward*. After finishing TFIOS I immediately started reading “Gone Girl”. I was a bit sceptical after a few pages, but it didn’t take long for me to get hooked and by about 20% I was utterly engrossed and obsessed. I’m now70% in and I don’t want it to end. Please, please can someone give me some recommendations to read after this so I don’t suffer from post-book depression when I finally read that last page. Gosh, the twists and turns this book takes is unbelievable. If you haven’t read it yet then please go pick up a copy or at the very least download a sample onto your kindle.

2. I never thought I would stop buying the dark blue jeggings from Woolworths, but sadly I recently have. They just don’t last very long and with the price having gone up I can’t afford to spend R220 on a pair of pants that don’t even last 3 months. So when I stumbled across these skinnies (that fit like a glove) from all places, Pick n Pay Clothing (Cherokee brand), I was over the moon. These feel like they were made for my body size and shape. They fit like jeggings but look more like jeans  They mould to my hips and legs and don’t bunch up or stretch after sitting for extended periods of time. I only have one word for these to be honest – Perfection! I got myself two pairs, but I’m so petrified that Pick n Pay stop importing these that I’m temped to go buy a few more. (R139 from Pick n Pay Clothing)

3. In my last review (check it out!) I think we pretty much covered what my favourite scents are and this tea from Woolworths encompasses quite a few of them.This is a black tea with a spicy blend of vanilla, Cinnamon and cardamom. I can best describe it as tasting like a warm vanilla pudding in a mug. I like to drink mine with lots of frothy, hot milk and a bit of boiling water. Hmm… this is the perfect treat before bedtime and instantly warms me up while I read in bed. I’m not one for perfumed teas that smell, and taste (uurgh) like a flower. But this is something completely different and something that should be tried, especially if you’re a tea drinker, which is something I find myself fast becoming. (R29.95 from Woolworths)

4. I really enjoy visiting the Capital Urban Market ,which happens the first Sunday of every month. There’s an amazing pulled pork sandwich stand, a divine brisket breakfast bun stand and a lady that sells the most scrumptious macaroons (especially the pancake flavour). But apart from all the food, the thing I enjoy the most is actually browsing all the jewellery stands. A few of my favourites are usually there and this last visit I picked up the cutest little gold ring from Sugar & Spike. I have a thing for ampersands so this little cutie pie immediately caught my eye. I must say though that it’s almost impossible to not want to buy the whole stand. Eek, too many pretty things! (R60 at Sugar & Spike)

5. It feels like I’ve been waiting for years for this colour to arrive in South Africa. But realistically speaking it’s actually only been a few months. I was super amped to try out this gorgeous dusty hue from the Essie Winter range when I first spotted it on one of my fave overseas bloggers on her Instagram feed. I’ve also had my eye on Shearling Darling (a rich, dark toned burgundy red) and  Parka Perfect (a shimmering alpine blue-gray) but this dusky, muted lilac was the colour that originally piqued my interest in the collection. I also think this is the perfect colour to wear all year round. She doesn’t need to only come out to play during Autumn and Winter, don’t you agree? I’ve really been loving Essie for a while now and I’m struggling to even look at other polishes to be honest. They apply beautifully and there are just so many shades to choose from. (R109 from Sorbet)