5 Favourites Friday ♥

July 25, 2014

1. Like I mentioned in my “Dotty for Dots” shopping guide post I’ve been searching for a sheer polka dot shirt for ages now. I found some beautiful ones for almost R1,000, but as we all know I’m on a budget and that’s out of my price range. I finally stumbled across this gorgeous wrap one on the Mr Price website a few weeks ago and click, it was in my cart. It took 3 days to arrive at my requested Mr Price branch and I only paid R15 extra. What a dream! (Don’t think it’s available anymore. It was about R80)

Dotty for Dots

2. I’m not going to lie to you guys and say that these Nespresso ‘dupes’ are better or even as good as the real thing. They don’t even come close. However, they are half the price of Nespresso coffee pods and I would rather have two cups of coffee than one. Although, I would probably rather have one great cup of coffee than 2 subpar coffees. But with that being said I don’t want to go back to instant so I’ve been drinking these Caffeluxe pods. They are the best ‘dupes’ I’ve tried so far and unless you guys know of a better one, I will keep drinking these and saving my Nespresso pods for special days. (About R39 at Pick n Pay)

3. I never used to use facial wipes all that often, but in the last year or so I’ve been loving them. This week I decided to try some that I’ve never tried before. I always spot these Dirty Works wipes at Clicks and the packaging always catches my eye, but for some reason I’ve never tried them. These have a lovely scent, they’re not super moist, but they do the job. They feel soft and gentle on my skin and as a pre-cleanse they work perfectly. What are your favourite facial wipes? (About R30 at Clicks)

4. Did you guys ever watch a show called Whitney? I used to love it and I was rather heartbroken when it was cancelled after 1/2 seasons. I love Whitney Cummings as a comedian so naturally I enjoyed that show. This new to the US sitcom/TV series, Undateable stars the same guy from Whitney and it’s just as funny. Hilarious, actually. We just finished with the first season and I’m hoping that it comes back for a second. But unfortunately It seems that all the shows I like get cancelled 🙁

5. I’ve been in desperate need of a new mouse pad for a while now. I’m not even going to describe to you the state my mouse pad was in. Let’s just say it was gross. When I was browsing TYPO a few days ago. Is that normal? I normally just walk around the shop and not buy anything. Weird? Anyway, I spotted this in the sale section and it was R20. Um, it has a skull on it and did I mention my old mouse pad was horrendous? Easiest sale EVER! 😉