5 Favourites Friday ♥



1. We all already know how much I adore Benefit makeup and their charming packaging and recently I’ve been trying out one of their new products – a BB cream/eyelid primer called Air Patrol. The packaging and name definitely get a thumbs up. You know what else gets a thumbs up? The actual product inside.  It helps protect delicate eyelids against sun, smoke and pollutants and also contains an SPF20. The best part is that it extends the wear of your eyeshadow and even better it makes your eyeshadow look like it’s on steroids – but in a good way of course. Colours are bright, vivid and intense. R345 at Red Square.


2. I’m a big fan of LUX body washes. I’m a big fan of the “Sheer Twilight” one as well as the delectable “Evenly Beautiful”, which smells like cupcakes to me. Okay, but before I’m completely sidetracked let’s focus on my current favourite from LUX – Soft Touch.  This range is infused with a fragrance that encompasses everything delicate and beautiful about a French rose. Did you know that Lux actually partnered up with Master Perfumer, Calice Becker to create this beautiful fragrance. It’s soft, creamy and feminine and feels like a real treat for your senses and skin. The body wash foams up nicely and leaves your skin feeling silky and soft to the touch, just as the name suggests. It’s available in three sizes – 200ml for R21.99, 400ml for R34.99 and 750ml for R39.99.


3. If you’re in dire need of a good laugh then click-through and go and behold the magic that is Mr. Cian Twomey. I’m obsessed with his alter ego (and girlfriend), Emily. She’s what someone would describe as certifiably insane. You know the little quirks that a lot of women have? Well, Cian has managed to take all of those eccentricities, put them under a (hilarious) microscope and records videos to showcase it. But please don’t take his videos as being sexist or misogynistic. They’re not. They’re all made in a lighthearted, funny way. We as women need to laugh at the funny stuff we do and say. Be warned there is a bit of inappropriate language. Thanks to Irina for introducing me to this comical man. Go check out my two favourites over here and here.


4. At the end of November I popped into the new LUSH store at Rosebank mall for a walk-through and product tour of new stock as well as old favourites. The day that Krispy Kreme opened to be exact. The mall was a bit crazy to say the least. So stepping into the sweet-smelling, serene confines of LUSH was blissful. Just like all the other LUSH stores the Rosebank branch will excite, entice and overwhelm your senses. I was particularly excited to play with some of their Festive goodies. I was even more thrilled to walk out of there with the “Golden Wonder” gift set. It smells incredible. R195 at LUSH.


5. If heaven has a scent then I’m almost certain that my version will smell like this peach & apricot candle from TYPO. I recently spotted it while out shopping with a friend and naturally the label caught my eye considering my newly single status. But after opening up the jar the scent is what sold me on this candle. It’s sweet, fresh and ripe. It has a decent throw and the scent while burning isn’t overpowering or nauseating. Thanks to my blogging bestie, Irina for spoiling me this Christmas! (sorry, I don’t know the price)

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