5 Favourites Friday ♥



1. A mascara that promises a “false lash effect” is right up there with cupcakes that don’t make you fat. I wasn’t even sure what to expect when I first received this mascara. I think we’ve all used products that have promised one thing and delivered nothing. I obviously can’t speak for all eyelash ‘types’ but this little princess works wonders on my medium, slightly curled lashes. It feels lightweight, it boosts the natural curl of your lashes and does a great job at lengthening and separating. But you know what the best part is? It’s budget beauty! I’m almost certain I’ll do a full review on this one. I think this princess deserves a post of her own. It’s her time to shine in the spotlight. R59.95 at Dis-Chem.


2. I scream, you scream, we all scream for.. LUSH. Um, is that not how the song goes? I’ve raved so many times about LUSH products that I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys thought I was working for them. I wish! Their products are just that great. If you’ve used their stuff before then you know what I’m talking about. Their ethical point of view, their fight against animal testing and their charitable endeavors should be enough reason for anyone to love this brand. But on top of that they offer quality, fresh, handmade products that set your bathroom ablaze with delightful scents. I’ve definitely mentioned this gently exfoliating cleanser before and the name alone conquers up all sorts of images. It’s made up of crushed almonds, kaolin clay, lavender oil, and rose absolute. It smells lovely and does wonders for my skin. My face feels smoother and softer and the soothing chamomile blue oil improves the appearance of my skin.  What a treat! R125 at LUSH.


3. In case you guys didn’t know, Benefit is back!  That pink loving, beautifully-packaged, cutely-named brand will be back on our shelves in Edgars. If you haven’t used their makeup before then you’re in for a thrill.  I’ve used several of their products over the years and when I’m not being tempted by the gorgeous packaging I’m being seduced by the quality and effectiveness of the makeup. Do you want to see a review on this brow gel? It does wonders for thin, sparse brows and it’s especially helpful for brow beginners. The tube might be small but you know what they say – dynamite comes in small packages. R295 on Red Square.


4. I’m actually sipping on this warm tea as I type. The Chai aspect of this tea is what initially enticed me (as well as the pretty box) as I’m not actually the biggest fan of green tea. I generally prefer the creamy comfort you get from regular black tea. However, the redeeming quality of green tea is that it contains loads of antioxidants which is great for your body. This specific variety of green tea is from Higher Living and contains a blend of all the Chai herbs & spices I love – cardomom, cinnamon, clove & orange peel. The Chai flavour is relatively subtle, but for me it breaks that hard taste of green tea and if you sniff the teabag (as one does) you can definitely pick up on the cinnamon, which is my absolute favourite. R34.95 at Woolworths.


5. As we all know I’m addicted to TV. I’m constantly watching new shows and while a lot of them are terrible and not worth another episode a few of them actually manage to catch my attention. I say this because I’m normally working on my computer and social media-ing at the same time so I need something that will make me stop and watch. Over the last week or so these two shows have really made me sit up and pay attention.  So, without giving away too much of the story Wayward Pines starts off with Ethan being involved in a car accident upon his arrival in the seemingly perfect town, he wakes up in the hospital without his wallet, ID or money, and cannot find a working phone to contact anyone at home. Ooooh! The other show, The Whispers is produced by Steven Spielberg and centers around children across Washington, D.C. who all start talking with the same imaginary friend named Drill. The story turns scary when Drill persuades them to play dangerous games. Have you started watching either of these shows yet?


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