5 Favourites Friday ♥



1. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee on a cold day. Am I right, or am I right? Earlier this year Beanies coffee arrived in S.A and I searched high and low for them in every Checkers in my area. I finally found a branch that only had “Double Chocolate” and naturally I grabbed it without a second thought. I’m not usually a flavoured coffee type of girl but the flavours sounded so irresistible I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle or two. I ended up getting the chocolate instant and a bag of “Cinder Toffee” ground coffee. The strange thing is that although I would normally prefer the idea of cinder toffee over chocolate I actually prefer the little bottle-o-instant. The flavour is more concentrated but at the same time not overpowering. Sometimes flavoured coffees are saccharine sweet and a tad bit nauseating. However, the Beanies coffee is easy to drink and did I mention that they smell divine. Hmmm. They also contain less than 2 calories per serving. 100% sugar-free and suitable for vegetarians & vegans! Instant coffee is R39.99 at Checkers and the ground coffee is about R60 at Checkers.


2. I’ve been on a bit of a cutting rampage. You know how it goes. You cut your hair then suddenly you want it shorter till you’ve almost cut all your hair off. Oh wait, or am I the only one? I’m loving how styling time has been cut in half and I’m also enjoying the lighter feeling you get with shorter hair. I haven’t found the perfect way to wear it yet, but so far I’m loving the shorter look. You know what they say – change is as good as a holiday…


3. I love watching TV series. That isn’t a secret. My boyfriend, Eric and I watch many shows together but there also comes a time when I’ll watch my girly shows alone. I’m very ‘closed off’ when I get my watching time though. I’ll become engrossed in a show and basically only watch that. At the moment I’m devoted to Charmed, Pretty Little Liars and now iZombie. This show has the silliest storyline but yet it still grabs me and I’m thoroughly enjoying each and every episode. The show is centered around Liv, a medical student who turns into a zombie after a wild boat party. She starts working at a coroner’s office where she eats the brains of the dead bodies she examines.  When she eats their cerebral matter she also acquires their memories. She uses this to help the police solve cases. Very cute and silly but absolutely worth watching! I also love to see how she spices up her serving of brains. She’ll make salads, noodles, tacos and sometimes even drink them in a smoothie. But one thing is consistent. She’s always eat her brains with hot sauce.


4. I attended the LUSH Dainfern VIP event today and walked away with a pretty impressive goodie bag. But when you’re a true Lushie that just isn’t enough. So naturally I had to buy one or two extra things to add to my collection. The first thing I popped into my shopping basket was this “Sweetie Pie” shower jelly. It’s actually a repurchase item because it’s the absolute best thing you’ll ever use in the shower. The cherry and blackcurrant scent is otherworldly. It’s my little tub of happiness and in case I haven’t already sold you on it you can go check out my full review from last year.  R55 for 100g from LUSH.


5. A top coat that promises 7 days of wear is like crack to me. I love freshly painted nails, but I’m not the biggest fan of having to paint my nails every three or four days. The formula is a happy medium between regular nail polish and gel nail polish. I’m smitten with the quick drying time and high shine finish and I delight in the fact that my nails look like they’ve just had a gel polish manicure. So, did my manicure last for a full 7 days? Well, no. But it definitely lasted longer than my polish normally does. Yippee! R140, selected salons.



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