5 Favourites Friday ♥



1. I’ve been on a bit more of a healthier eating plan for the month or so. I was on an extreme, cut-out everything diet for about a month and now I’ve started to re-introduce a few things. The most important one being coffee. Damn, it’s hard giving that up. So basically for a month I wasn’t eating/drinking dairy, wheat, yeast, caffeine, preservatives or sugar. You don’t realise how much food has all of that in until you’re forced into reading labels while grocery shopping.  I surprisingly didn’t miss cake or bread all that much but I think it has something do with the fact that I had this yummy lemon poppy seed tea loaf to keep me going. My mom found this recipe and then substituted milk for plain yoghurt/Kefir, aluminum-free baking powder, fresh lemon juice instead of extract and in place of sugar she used Honey or Stevia (plant-based sweetener). She used less Stevia than the recipe calls for though because it’s actually sweeter than regular sugar. If you have a problem with gluten then you need to give this recipe a go. I’m completely obsessed. With a cup of coffee it’s heavenly!


2. I have so many LUSH bath bombs/bubble bars and honestly not enough time to use all of them. I’m very concerned that they’re going to go bad before I can actually use them and the thought of that makes me feel sick to my stomach. You can’t possibly waste LUSH. No, no, no! So, this idea actually came out of necessity for me. I decided to break my LUSH bombs into pieces like I normally do, but instead make the pieces smaller and mix one or two different bombs/bars together to create a whole new scent. In my opinion all the scents go with each other so I generally just throw in whatever and the results are always blissful.  Which bath products from LUSH do you love the most?


3. I couldn’t exclude my blog makeover off the list now could I? If you’re reading this post then you already know all about the blog overhaul. I generally find myself wanting to change everything every year and so far I’m loving this makeover the most. I guess that’s obvious though seeing as it’s the latest one. But I worked really hard on the new look and I finally feel like this design does the best job of representing who I am and where I want my blog to be after three and a half years. Let me know what you think of the makeover?


4. If I could only choose one candle to burn for the rest of my life I don’t think I could choose a specific scent but one thing I know for sure is that it would be a Bath & Body Works candle. Now before you jump up in surprise and start scrolling to find out where you can buy their candles let me be the one to disappoint you. They’re not available in South Africa. Okay, let’s all cry in unison. Whenever family or friends go overseas I always add a Bath & Body Works candle to the top of my “please buy this for me” list. This warm, vanilla hug is the latest one to be added to my collection. It’s the perfect Autumn into Winter transition candle. It was given to me by Irina (from I’ll Take It All) after her visit to Dubai recently. You can read all about her drool-worthy trip over on her blog.


5. The MAC collections are always a bit of eye candy for my beauty-loving heart and this new collection is no different. One of the collections on shelves and online at the moment is the “MAC is Beauty” collection – five eyeshadows, twelve lipsticks, sixteen fluidlines, four lipglosses, three brushes, three nail lacquers, two face powders and an eyeliner. I was sent this peach candy-like eyeshadow to review and as always the MAC eyeshadows are something else.  The Bouffant eye shadow from this collection is described as a “pale peach shimmer with a Veluxe Pearl finish”. It offers a semi-opaque shimmery wash of colour and gives a warm, frosted look to your lids. It’s smooth and blendable and I love wearing it as a highlight for the inner corner of my eye. Depending on your skin tone though it might take a bit more effort to get it to show up. It’s quite a subtle shade, which is why I feel it works beautifully as a highlight.  (R210 at MAC stores/website)

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