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1. There are certain things in life which are sometimes just easier to fake – eyelashes, nails, smiles and bronzed skin. I’m a firm believer in faking that healthy, tanned glow, which you can usually only achieve by spending hours outside in the hot, dangerous sun. No thanks! I’ll take my tan in a bottle, thank you very much. But before I start raving about Hoola, let’s take a moment to appreciate the adorable, albeit cheesy, packaging that Benefit has perfected. ‘Hoola Zero Tanlines Body Bronzer’ offers you a transfer-resistant (yip) and streak-free (absolutely) hands-free application (best part). This gel body bronzer is splendidly buildable and more than delivers on a natural-looking, even tan.

My skin-tone can be likened to the white french manicure nail polish, so for a bronzing product to appear natural to me is a tall order. But Benefit nailed their formula and my legs have never looked better. I apply a dollop of the gel onto the sponge/lid and using long, circular movements I apply the product to my pale skin. It does feel a bit sticky at first but absorbs after a few minutes. The colour stays put for several hours and gives my legs a healthy, summery glow. R475 at Red Square/selected Edgars stores.


2. As a self-confessed ‘Lushie’, I’m always up for trying out one of their new products. I recently got my hands on their ‘Damaged’ hot oil treatment (at an event) and not only does it contain an assortment of fabulous ingredients, it’s also a fun little task to prep your solid treatment for use. The addition of extra virgin olive oil, almond oil and organic avocado oil will nourish dry and damaged hair, leaving it silky soft, shiny and smooth. You pop the stick (with the solid treatment on) into a mug with a bit of boiling water and stir continuously until it melts into a creamy texture. I find the whole affair of putting the hot oil treatment on my dry hair to be quite satisfactory. It’s thick and creamy and, at the risk of sounding like a child, it feels really ‘cool’ on your hair. This little solid lump goes a long way. I was able to fully coat my hair as well as my sister’s medium-length hair. The results? Softer hair which feels like it had a double shot of moisture. R125 at LUSH stores/online store


3. As a girl, let alone a beauty blogger, I’m embarrassed to admit that I loathe body cream. It’s not the actual product that I hate, it’s the application process that I find tiresome. Body lotions are usually thick and the time it takes to rub the cream into your body and subsequently sink into your skin is time I’d rather spend doing something else. Let’s be honest. Well, since the invention of these Vaseline spray moisturisers, I can happily report that I’m applying ‘body lotion’ every single day. No more crocodile skin for me.

My life, or rather my skin, has honestly been changed by these spray bottles. I absolutely adore how light they feel on my skin, how quick application is and the best part? No time spent waiting for the lotion to ‘dry/absorb’ . I spray in a fluid motion along my arms and legs and quickly rub it in and within 30 seconds I’ve applied lotion to my whole body. The scents are pleasant and the formulation is non-greasy and easily absorbed. Well done, Vaseline! R89,99 at Dischem or Clicks.


4. Cute name? Definitely. Eye-catching packaging. Absolutely. New favourite mascara? Unquestionably. I mentioned this mega volume mascara over on my Instagram a while back and to be honest, nothing has changed since then. The L’Oreal Miss Hippie mascara is still the mascara I reach for every day. So, just as the name suggests, this mascara will help you achieve fluttery festival eyelashes (what the heck is that?). The result is a feathery, slightly messy look with lots of volume. It also lengthens your lashes (in my opinion) and can become a bit ‘crusty’ if you apply too much, so be sure to apply it in layers for best results. Watch out Coachella, here I come. Available in October. I’ll still confirm the price.


5. Don’t let anybody with bad eyebrows tell you s*** about life. With the help of Benefit’s new eyebrow range, you don’t need to worry about being that bad-brow friend. Benefit have re-packaged their old favourites and introduced a few new products for those of us who want our eyebrows to be on fleek. Oh gosh, did I really just say that? *cringe*. After trying out a few of their latest offerings, I was mostly taken by ‘Ka-Brow!’ – a cream-gel formulation which helps fill in brow gaps. What do I love about it? The lid which houses a (fantastic) hidden angle brush, the smooth consistency, the colour payoff and the natural, controlled application. R335 at Red Square/selected Edgars stores.





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