5 Favourites Friday ♥

May 9, 2014

1. The bottle is pink so obviously I’m going to already love this toner, right? But not only that, the scent is so pretty – a beautiful floral medley . I always use toner and for me it’s the best way to eliminate the last traces of makeup. This offering from Garnier feels gentle on my skin and doesn’t leave me with a dry, tight feeling. It’s enriched with Moringa extract (known for its anti-oxidant properties) and Cherry Tree extract.  (R59.90 from Dis-Chem)

2. This is the perfect statement piece if you’re looking for something a bit edgier. I’m a bit of a paradox myself. I love very cute and girly things, but I also love a slightly harder, edgier style. In Winter time I love pairing a strong necklace with a fitted shirt or chunky jersey/sweater. This one that I recently found at Woolworths is perfect! At the moment they actually have some really cool (costume) jewellery pieces like this bib necklace and this pearl one, which reminds me of a simplified version of Caroline’s necklace in 2 Broke Girls. (R120 from Woolworths)

3. A Piña colada might not be my drink of choice, but the smell of one is definitely near the top of my list. Hmm, pineapple and coconut smell too darn good. This new Nivea body wash doesn’t have the fruity side, but it definitely has a rich, creamy coconut scent that is utterly divine as well as warm and comforting if that makes sense? I can’t get enough of this nutty shower cream. Have you tried it yet? I’m running out to get a new one when this one is finished. (R28,99 from Dis-Chem)

4. This dark comedy-crime drama series just started on DSTV so I’m quite certain most of you have already caught the first episode at least. I’ve watched till episode 4 and I’m seriously enjoying this twisted show. Besides the scene in episode 3 that really upset me, I’ve been liking the gripping storyline and how it plays out like a movie. It never feels like a TV series to me  but rather like a movie that’s been chopped up into segments. There’s a reason this got a 9.2 on IMDB. It’s a damn good show and worth watching if you’re not squeamish or sensitive to a bit of violence/language. The funniest bit for me though is seeing Addison Montgomery (from Grey’s Anatomy) playing a trashy ex-stripper.

5. Yes, yes we are all well aware of my obsession with skulls/skeletons. My name is Chicara and I’m a skull-oholic. I recently spotted one of my fave jewellery sellers at a Market in my area and I was super excited as the last time I got something from them it turned out to be a Betsey Johnson. 😉 I obviously couldn’t resist getting myself this cute little bracelet.  (R80 from Rings & Things)